Doctors or generally those in the medical field have said that the best time for a woman to have children is during her twenties and 30s. Once you are over the big 40, you should adopt a pet. A lot of women have left the decision to have children to a later date. It has either been because they wanted to pursue a career or because they couldn't find a suitable suitor. They would have had boyfriends or would have been in long term relationship but the time just wasn't right. If you finally find your soul mate, he might want children when you want to further your career. You might want children and he might be afraid of the responsibility.

There are other women who have been trying to have children for so many years that their husband got tired of the constant pressure to perform. Other couples have infertility issues but have been unwilling to find out who the culprit is. They might feel that it would ruin their relationship. No matter what the reasons are for a woman not being able to conceive, the fact remains that it is really a difficult moment, emotionally and physically.

Nature has a way of playing with our mind. I have known women who didn't even have to try when it comes to pregnancy. All they have to do is look at their husbands and voila, they are pregnant. Some women can pond more children than they could actually take care of. Whereas other women struggle just to have one. They are not even asking for a repeat pregnancy. All the want is just one child and it just does not materialize. Recently the singer Celine Dion revealed that she was pregnant with twins after going through a tiring IVF procedure. At the moment she is chuffed to bits with her pregnancy. A lot of women are in her position but they don't have the money to finance such procedure. Others have just given up altogether and have decided to go down the adoption route. That can also have its repercussion if you get it wrong or adopt the wrong child. You need to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages carefully.

When Celine Dion Announced that she was pregnant through IVF, not everyone was happy with her. Why? A 42 year old woman should not be trying to have a child. If she couldn't conceive naturally she should let nature have its way. Those were some of the reasons given. Is a woman of 42, too old? Yes and no! It is generally believed that having children that late can pose a health risk to both the mother and the child. It has also being proven that the risk of the child suffering a disability is greater if the mother is over 40. You might wonder what about 39 and 10 months is that too old? Don't bother!

Generally speaking, child birth is a gamble and the risk are higher the older the woman gets. A lot of women are willing to take that risk and face the consequences later. The pregnancy rate for those who choose IVF is well below 100 percent. It is even below the 50 percent rate. Some studies say it is about 30 percent or lower. In vitro fertilization also known as IVF has given hope and joy to a lot of families. It is not a solution that many are willing to undertake. IVF has a lot going for it but it also has a lot of problems that can put at risk the lives of the mother and child

Should a woman no matter her age, 40 or over go through with IVF? If you were going to look at it from a statistical point of view, it is not worth the hassle. Would you gamble your house or your car if you know that you have a 70 or 80 percent chance of losing? Statistics implies you use your mind but having a child is not a decision of the mind, it is more about the heart.