Thyroid problems in women are more frequent than they are in males. A large number of women all over the globe have mild or sever thyroid dysfunction and most of them are ignorant that their signs are indicating a thyroid problem. First of all we should be aware of proper thyroid function and the hazards of thyroid gland improper function properly in women.

The Thyroid gland that is important endocrine gland is situated in the front part near Adam’s apple. It controls many important functions in both males and females. It has a significant role in scheming the body's sympathy to other hormones. A thyroid gland regulates the pace at which the body consumes energy. It regulates your metabolism during pregnancy. The thyroid is also responsible for the proper ovulation in females and development of body tissues. There are many problems linked with it, the 2 most well known disorders are Hyper and Hypo activity of thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism is a condition identified as retarded activity of thyroid glands and most frequently diagnosed during pregnancy.  Women have to take proper medical treatment during pregnancy. At times, the thyroid gland is removed to take care of severe hyperthyroidism or malignant nodules in the gland. During pregnancy, the symptoms of hypothyroidism become more prominent and women feel more tired and restless can have severed anemia. In some, sever cases it leads to eclampsia in which women can go in coma. Women suffering from this disorder do not have proper fetus development. They become fat and cannot loose weight even by crash dieting or hard workouts. Patients are treated with Beta Blockers as they reduce anxiety, shiver, disturbance and controls heart rates. Methimazole is also very effective, in normal conditions Radioactive iodine isotope is used to cure this disorder.

Hyperthyroidism is opposite of hypothyrodism as the gland produces more hormone. The excessive amounts of T3 and T4 also lead to many troubles in women. It has to be treated by proper medication as thyroid hormones are quite toxic and can cause permanent damage to body. Such as sever weight loss and very fragile muscles. It leads to toxic goiter with bulging eyes, Palpitations, bad stomach, abnormal sweating and intolerance to high temperature. Women are given medicine which can reduce the hormone production and have no additional side effects on their menstrual cycles. Pregnant women are kept under strict observation particularly during first four months of their pregnancy.

Malignant thyroid nodules are generally less in males than in women. Initially you will feel a painless lump in the neck. It silently grows into a cancer tumor and in majority of cases thyroid cancer is diagnosed very late. Stiff nodules in the neck are seldom pinpointing cancer, as those nodules are usually benign. The sole and most accurate method of cancerous thyroid nodules is needle biopsy. Many women have thyroiditis that typically appears after 12 to 24 weeks of delivery. It some times appear after an abortion. Postpartum hyperthyroidism is more common in diabetic women than in normal women. Women should have regular check up for thyroid abnormalities as they are at higher risk of thyroid dysfunction than males.