In today’s growing population of diverse workers you will find a majority of women in certain fields. One of those fields is the health industry; and not necessarily nurses or aids, but Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics.

As more and more baby-boomers enter the retirement age, the Emergency Medical Service field gains more of a demand for hard-working individuals to provide care and support. The profession of EMT consists of high stress situations where men have found a place to be. But in more recent years, women have felt the calling to be part of this vocation to save lives, prevent injuries, and to cure ill health.

Although men are a majority of EMS workers (about 70%), women are quickly becoming noticed as experts in this industry. Their tendency to work hard, have compassion, and care for every person without partiality gives women the upper hand in becoming successful. Naturally, women have found this path to be quite fulfilling as a lifetime career.

How About You?

Are you a woman trying to decide which profession to enter? Are you currently in school, pondering the many options that lie ahead of you? If you are, or you are soon to be, then you may want to consider this profession. It may just be the perfect job for you. As a woman, you may already possess the ten top characteristics of a paramedic. Here are a few to think about. Do you possess these qualities?

1.    Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being solid in your ethics and morals, whether somebody is watching you or not. You will always be determined to do the right things in every situation. Your conscience is sensitive. And you require that others show integrity as well.

If you hold onto your integrity, no matter the issue, you will in turn prove to others that you are trustworthy, even if they don’t like your decisions. Sometimes holding to your integrity will hurt you or others. But the right thing to do is always the best things to do.

2.    Honesty

This characteristic goes along with integrity, but stands alone as well. Honesty will be needed, even to your own hurt at times. For insurance purposes, or following the correct procedures, you might make mistakes; but confessing and being honest will help to make you quite successful.

 3.    Selflessness

This job needs people who are selfless. You should be thinking about your paramedic salary at all times. What should be at the forefront of your mind is the team you work within and the people that need help. This vocation is all about being selfless. If you’re not, in the least, selfless, then find another profession.

4.    Humility

This profession requires people to possess the humility to deal with people in a professional matter. At times you’ll face people are intoxicated, want to fight, and call you horrible names. You’ll want to be able to hold yourself accountable in those situations and be as professional and caring as possible.

5.    Compassion

Working with all ages of people, you will find that compassion will be your companion. To better help somebody, you’ll need to be able to place yourself in their shoes and give them the best support that you’d expect somebody to give to you. Other times you’ll need to talk to families about loved ones dying in your arms. This will require extreme compassion to handle. Make sure you have this characteristic.

6.    Stability

Stability means more than simply staying at a job for an extended period of time. This profession requires that each individual be stable in their mental, physical, and emotional capacities. This career is filled with high-stress situations, and if somebody is not quite stable, then they are in for a heap of trouble. Don’t let you get in the way of doing your job to the best of your ability.

7.    Honor

Working as part of an EMS team will require honoring each one of your partners in the best way possible. If you show your team honor, then you are in for a world of successful teamwork. Along with honor comes respect.

8.    Respect

This quality will go a long way in building relationships within your team and with your superiors. If you can show respect, you automatically demand it from others. And if you can receive respect, then you’re in the right place to grow as a trusted employee and teammate.

9.    Intelligence

Working in this field requires top mental intelligence. Not only does the training curriculum require memorization, but you will be required to know what you’ve learned from years ago while implementing it in the field. Knowing what you’ve been educated for will be life or death for somebody. So make sure you’re ready to administer everything you’ve been trained to practice.

10. Patience

If you’re planning on helping people, then you’ll most definitely be dealing with a tremendous amount of “hard-to-deal-with” people. Alcoholics, abusers, and others will be on your list of people to help. Without patience, you will fail. Without patience, you will hurt somebody. And without patience, your career will be at stake. The key to possessing patience is knowing that everybody needs help, whether they are trying to hurt you or not. They are in need of being healed. Be there for them.


Most women will already possess these qualities, but if you’re thinking about becoming an EMT or paramedic, you’ll want to make sure these characteristics describe you. If they don’t, then I would suggest finding a less “altruistic” career. The EMS is all about individuals who desire to put others before themselves while giving 100% all of the time. If you do this, then you will be a successful woman in the field of Emergency Medical Services.

In the next few decades, we will most likely see a huge shift in who the majority of leaders are in this industry. Men will no longer hold the title as “majority leader” as EMS employees. Women will lead the way in saving lives and being first responders. The best of luck to you!