Women in leadership positions have been told for a long time that they needed to be like me to be successful. However, in our day, this view is starting to change. Women being able to use the traits they have that usually come inherently are known to be great leaders.

So what are these inherent traits I'm talking about? I'm I talking about the gender stereotypes that have held women back for such a long time?

Even though half of the working population is made up of women, there is more than 50% employed that have some kind of leadership position. However, women still only maintain 15.7% of C-level positions at Fortune 500 companies. It is true that gender stereotypes of women keep women from reaching the highest levels of leadership.

In a recent study, women often find themselves in a sticky situation as a leader. The good things, such as collaboration, are looked at as leading softly. On the contrary, if women in leadership positions are too assertive, they are looked at as manly. According to this study, it is difficult for women leaders to be looked at as capable and accepted.

There are recent trend showing that this mind frame is slowly changes. Businesses are creating climates that are more and more collaborative and nurturing that support women leaders.

It is important for the distinctive talents that women offer the workplace to be recognized. There are many organizations that are trying to implement workplace atmospheres that are centered on these collaborative and nurturing qualities. It is not uncommon for women to focus on team building.

Women in leadership try to create a family-centered schedule which is flexible and friendly. The workplace is striving to put women's strengths into practice.

Many times it appears that women leaders try to fix their "weaknesses" that men don't have. This shouldn't be the case. Instead of trying to be something that they are not, women should use their strengths and talents to help create a better workplace environment.

One of the best suggestions for women in leadership is to focus on the strengths that they have instead of weaknesses. As time continues, more and more organizations will realize that women have a lot to offer.

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