Whoo Hoo Woman's movement! Sixty years after the fact more women are working than ever before. In fact due to the current recession, many of the higher paying traditionally male jobs have disappeared while the unskilled traditionally female jobs remain. Making, for maybe the first time in history, the possibility that more women than ever are the major breadwinner in their family. Couple the recession with the increase in women having children without benefit of marriage and you will find more women heading households than ever before.

If you are a woman, chances are you have at some point in your life considered waiting tables as a job. Even in today's market the better restaurants with bigger tips seem to prefer male waiters over females, however if you are willing to do greasy spoons, or road side diners, waiting jobs abound. They often don't even pay minimum wage. Women in this profession often suffer from varicose vein and back injuries. The work often does not offer health care or vacation days. But it's always available. You can hope for good tips if the establishment is well run, and you are reasonably helpful.

The two main ways women in the workforce can break the glass ceiling of earning potential is either through higher learning or by taking a non-traditional job. Welders, for example, get paid better than housekeepers or nannies. Even if you get paid less than a man as a construction worker, you'll still get paid more than the average unskilled girl job in retail. Beware, of non traditional jobs in that you may not be immediately accepted by your co-workers, and don't let this daunt you. Money is money, you can learn how to be a team player.

The highly effective worker is pro active, sees the customer as the ultimate employer, and works well with others. Being defensive is not a great strategy. You can't learn from hiding your mistakes. Find a male mentor you trust if you're entering a non-traditional field and be open to what he says about playing with the big boys. Don't try to be a man, you aren't one, and don't fall back on being a helpless kitten either - no body likes that. Be direct, be honest, be warm and candid.

Find your niche. If you are a woman doctor or nurse you may have a skill with female patients that men lack. Some women are actually uncomfortable seeing a male doctor. Some male doctors are dismissive of their female patients. More women die of heart attacks than men do, simply because less women are correctly diagnosed. Why is that? Certainly more women rush off to see the doctor than men do. Generally speaking, it's because women don't articulate their symptoms with heart disease in mind. If you are a female licensed and bonded contractor, you may have a nice niche with single and divorced women who are hesitant to ask a man for a bid. If you are a female mechanic, please don't take advantage of other women the way some male mechanics do! Studies show that women pay more than men for cars, even when its exactly the same car. Education level didn't seem to make much of a difference. So if you are a female car salesperson, you can see what your niche might be.

Some religions teach that women should not work outside of the home. Even before the woman's rights movement women have always worked. On farms there are jobs for everyone. No one can tell me that churning butter or collecting eggs, or feeding farmhands was less of a chore than what men did a hundred years ago. Women have been midwives, teachers and servants since time began. Women working is nothing new. It is interesting to me, how places like India and Pakistan, seemingly more traditional than the West, elected female prime ministers before the United States ever elected a female president. If they can do it, may be one day we will too.