battle of the sexes


The word "NO" is meant to be negative statement or a firm assertion of one's decision.  In the world of attracting women this singular word can win the war for any man.  

It is a known fact that women are in complete control of this world, whether men like it or not. What many men fail to realize is that they too can have control with a small adjustment to their vocabulary. Let me start off by saying that I do not feel women to be submissive or to be waiting on men hand and foot is what women were designed for.  There is a time and place for this kind of behavior and should be given to those who have earned it in actions and respect.

Men always want to know how to get into a woman's mind and/or how to win her over.  The answer is quite simple men, "NO".  

Simply tell a woman that she cannot have something or that you are too busy and she will do anything possible to get your attention.  This is nothing new of course, we all want something that we cannot have.  Think for a minute the last time you wanted something really bad and no one gave you grief or made it difficult to obtain it.  Do you have that memory in mind? Ok. Now were you ecstatic or ridiculously satsified? Eh..maybe. Now think back when someone told you that you could not have something that you sort of wanted.  Do you remember how confused you were as to why you couldn't have it? Now remember how you ran it through your mind how you were going to do everything possible to get that forbidden "fruit".  Once you got it you felt joyous, like a little parade was going on in your brain and you were the grand marshall.  This is how women work, tell us you are busy and we will make you forget why you were busy and what you were going to do.  We will go to great lengths for your attention men.  

Now this will work to get a woman's attention, however you still have to play it smooth and have that balance of jerk and gentleman to keep us around.....we can discuss that next time.

For now, remember the word "NO" and use it to your advantage in this battle of the sexes.