In recent months there have been more and more articles celebrating the fact that, soon there will be more women employed than men.

What I don't understand is: What is there to celebrate about? I mean why should one sex have more work than the other? Actually, one of the tipping factors is that, in recent years, men have been loosing jobs on a pandemic scale; also called the "mancession" - two of society's most hated things merged into one word. So essentially these proud 'empowered' women are celebrating how many thousands of men have lost their jobs, right? Or did I misunderstand something? Am I the only one who sees quite how sinister that is?

Now some are going to say "that's because it was so hard for women in the past to get work" and I'll say, maybe but women were never in the situation where they were responsible for earning the bread for a family and women were never and are still not valued almost entirely by their profession and income. For most men, their job is the only way to gain respect and status. Or when was the last time you thought highly of a man because of something other than what he does and earns?

As a matter of fact, we must all decide for ourselves how far we want to go professionally and that has been open to both sexes long before this 'mancession' (OK, I'll stop using that wretched word now). I just hope that those who decide to go for a big career are willing to take on the responsibilities that come with it. Meaning, if you have the financial power, then you have the financial burden too. So, if women are going to "take over the professional world", then they must get ready to buy the dinner, pay the bills and more importantly, to "marry down". Because if women are really on the rise that everyone seems to think they are, then it won't be long before most women will never find a partner who earns more than them. Does it still sound like something to celebrate? For me, as a man, YES.

People like me are the winners of such a change because we either get less responsibility to pay for everything or, if we're high earners, we have less male competition. So we should be happy. But for some reason there is a bitter taste with all this that I can't quite explain. Oh, maybe its because this rising of women seems to coincide with the falling of men. Looking at the statistics in education, concerning men vs women we have to conclude that this male downtrend is accelerating and there's no sign of it stopping or reversing. This can't be good at all - for any of us humans.