Fashionable Boots Have Been Top Sellers For Years

Women’s black boots are some of the most popular items of footwear— not to mention clothing— these days, and they have been some of the top selling fashion items on the market for many years now.

The History of Women's Black Boots

Although women’s black boots, and boots in general, have been known to be strictly for women in terms of fashion (modern military and police combat boots not withstanding), for decades, they have their origins between both genders.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Misa BootBoots made of animal skins and plant materials originated centuries ago for use among both men and women for protection in often-harsh walking environments. Fast forward and people across the world’s armies and militaries began incorporating metal into boots in order to have better protection during battles. These eventually developed into standard boots for most full dress military uniforms, while the women of the world began using lace-up boots beneath skirts and dresses.

It is unknown when exactly women’s black boots first became a fashion staple, but in the past century they have faded in and out of popularity on a regular basis, changing slightly in style just about every time they reappear.

Which Style Is The Most Popular?

It is safe to say that women’s black leather boots are by far the most popular kind of boots around. They transcend across many different styles and can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. Women’s black boots that are made from good quality leather are also known to last a very long time— in some cases, they can last a lifetime if the owner takes proper care of them. These kinds of boots have also inspired many other kinds of boots that are popular on the market today.

For example, women’s black suede boots have also become rather popular during the past few years. Suede is actually a type of leather, but it has a different appearance than most leather boots that you will see for sale. Suede leather is made from the underside of an animal’s skin, which traditionally comes from a lamb or sheep (although goat, pig calf and deer have also been known to be used for suede). Suede boots do typically come in black, but it has also been died to create a variety of other colors.

Western Boots Seem to Be Fading In Popularity

Women’s black western boots have been a little less common in recent years as far as general black boots go. However, many say they are making a comeback, and these kind of women’s black boots are able to be worn to a variety of occasions (yes, they have gone well beyond hoedowns). Many online footwear retailers now carry western style boots, or cowboy boots—or rather, cowgirl, if a woman is wearing them.

These fun and stylish boots are also found in many stores throughout the country, although stores in Midwestern or southern parts of the country are much more likely to have a wide selection of them. Some stores in other locations may not even carry them, so if you are a, say, northeastern girl looking for some good western style boots you may need to look for them online.

Seasonality Impacts the Availability of  Women's Boots

Nine West Women's Devendra Knee-High BootSome boots, however, are more seasonal and therefore will not be available in stores during certain times. Women’s black winter boots, for example, are typically only sold in stores during the fall and winter seasons. That being said, if you want a great deal on them you’ll have to seek them out at the end of these seasons. Those are the times when they will be on sale.

No matter what type of weather or occasion they are meant for, almost all kinds of women’s black boots come in a variety of style variations. While most people think of women’s black boots (and many boots in general) as being taller and hitting at mid calf or just below the knee, boots can come in a wide amount of lengths.

For example, over the past decade women’s black knee high boots have been seen everywhere and have reigned supreme on the market, but women’s black ankle boots have been picking up momentum and have arguable been approaching almost the same degree of popularity. Ankle boots are great because they can be worn with an even greater variety of clothing styles than taller boots.

Seasonality Generally Doesn't Impact Online Retailers

Nevertheless, all types of women’s black boots can be found at any time of the year on many online retail websites. You can head to a website that corresponds to a specific store, or one that sells all kinds of brands and styles of boots (or footwear in general) online. Zappos or Amazon are examples of such websites.

Of course, whenever you shop online you should always make sure to read whatever reviews are available for the boots you are looking at. Try to find reviews from both consumers and manufacturers (and designers, for that matter) in order to get a better balance of information.

You should also never neglect the fine print under each boot posting. Some may include very important information, such as whether or not the boots come in a wide calf version or whether they carry your size in general. The last thing you want to do is order boots online only to discover that they do not fit when they arrive.

Wearing Women's Black Boots to Work

Some women may like general women’s black boots but may be afraid that such boots may be inappropriate for wear around their workplace. Nevertheless, in recent years designers have been creating many different women’s black dress boots as well as women’s black work boots in a variety of styles. Of course, before wearing such footwear to work it is always a good idea to check out your workplace’s dress code, if one exists.

Women’s black dress boots are usually okay for work, but out of respect for your workplace’s rules you should still double check anyway. You’ll want to make sure that your boots, whether classified as work (or dress) boots or not, will not be violating any office codes or getting you into hot water with human resources or your boss.