Womens Earth shoes are the first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, and help to keep the body in perfect shape. They can eliminate pain from muscle tension, correct the posture, and even tone the muscles. They achieve all of these great benefits thanks to the Kalso Negative heel, a virtually unnoticeable design change which improves overall health without announcing to the world that your are toning your body.

Womens Earth shoes are one of the most popular footwear choices for women seeking a healthier and more active lifestyle. The designs are as good as any fashionable shoe range, yet also function as toning shoes and posture correcting footwear. They offer the chance to correct the posture and improve the walking gait, helping you to stand straighter and taller promoting great long term health.

A natural posture with Earth shoes

The shoes owe their beneficial properties to an innovative heel design, and whilst simplistic is highly effective. The heels of the shoes are angled at 3.7º lower in the heel than the forefoot, which repositions the body weight, putting the wearer back on their heels. With the weight back, the spine is straightened, the shoulders are brought back, and the bones and muscles are allowed to come back into a natural alignment.


Many back, neck and shoulder problems are the result of poor posture and Earth Shoes help to correct the problem at its root cause. With the posture corrected, tension in the muscles is eased eliminating associated pain. A slouched position makes breathing difficult, and wearing Earth shoes offers a noticeable difference to breathing, encouraging you to take deeper breaths to feel healthier. The shoes put the feet through a full roll from heel to toe, increasing the range of muscles used when walking, and stretching ligaments to improve flexibility.

Whilst posture correction is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits, womens Earth shoes are often chosen for their toning and weight loss properties. The Earth shoes design has been demonstrated to increase the value of exercise by three times, encouraging increased muscle activity to get better body tone in a fraction of the time, and speeding up weight loss to help with dieting. The shoes encourage the development of lean body mass, providing a long term solution to keep body weight at a low and healthy level, and have even been reported to help shift cellulite.

earth shoes styles

By incorporating negative heel technology into a full range of fashionable footwear styles, Womens Earth shoes offer the chance for daylong posture correction and toning, without having to make a compromise on ones sense of style. It is no surprise that with such a long list of health benefits, highly fashionable styling and great prices that they have become one of the bestselling brands of women's toning shoes.