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As the weather is getting warmer and summer is in the air, you may be looking to refresh your winter wardrobe and to enliven it with color. Although following trends in fashion can sometimes be a dauntingly difficult and expensive hobby. However, what I find works for me is to own a few key pieces from various trends which can be both interchangeable and practical.

In this article I will look at just five of the fashion concepts around for this summer season. However, three of the five are ‘trends’ and the other two are specific ‘items’ which you could actually customize to incorporate into any of the other trends. This will depend on the color, size, shape and patterning of your item for example. I therefore hope that this article can provide you with some useful ideas if you are looking for fashion inspiration this summer. I am by no means a devoted ‘fashionista’[4] but rather someone who has an awareness of the current trends from the catwalks and high street.

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1. Neon

Neon can certainly be a very scary trend to try out, especially if you do not usually wear bright colors. From strong yellows to neon pinks, orange and green, neon[7] is all over the high street this summer. If you are confident to go ‘all-out’ with the neon trend then try a summer dress in one of these hues. If however you would rather dip your feet in the water so to speak, then you will be glad to hear that there are more subtle ways to embrace this trend.

For example, you could wear a pop of neon color in your flat shoes or high heels and perhaps tie this together with a neon clutch bag. This would work very well with an all-black or all-white outfit. You could try a neon orange blouse with a neutral denim skirt or neon shorts with a plain white vest top. Individual pieces of bright colors can work well and look far more 'dressed down' if you add in a neutral toned item to the mix alongside it.

If you are still daunted by this trend then try looking for a garment of clothing which incorporates neon. For example a floral dress with neon yellow or pink on it or a blue and green spotted dress with neon dots. A tiny pop of neon will liven up your outfits and will make you feel right on trend.

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In addition, why not explore a neon bikini or cover-up? You could wear one part neon and the other part in black or white.  If in doubt then look in fashion magazines for further inspiration and take your friends along shopping to help you pick something suitable out.

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2. Fringing And Tassels

Certainly inspired by music festivals and the more boho-chic[5] hippy style, fringing[8] and tassels are everywhere this season. However, to wear this trend you do not have to wear a tasseled leather jacket or crop-top with fringing unless you want to. You could look for a pair of shorts with subtle fringing along the edges. Perhaps you have spotted a chiffon beach cover-up with cascading tassels along the edges in the shops?

You could even tie this trend in with the cross-body bags mentioned below in tip four and find a bag with tassels or fringing attached to it. Embracing this laid-back and hippy style will ultimately make your whole outfit look more casual, cool and collected. It is a great fashion idea for music festivals this summer and one which will only come back around again in the future. If you are going to a music festival then you may enjoy my music festival essentials article which includes beauty and festival clothing ideas too.

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3. Mirrored Sunglasses

This is one of my favorite trends this summer and I love the different tints that you can find on mirrored sunglasses[3]. From copper and all-over orange tones to the chilled out blues and greens to rainbow shades as well, there really is a pair of mirrored sunglasses to match any outfit!

Wrap around sunglasses will look more sporty and masculine, whereas playful heart or cat-eye shapes will look more girly and feminine. All the trends mentioned in this article are applicable to both  men and women but sunglasses are a key accessory which can really lift an outfit from 'dull and everyday' to 'glamorous and sophisticated' in an instant.

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4. Cross-Body Bags

Whether you are going on holiday and want to have your hands free to take lots of photos or when you are simply out shopping, the cross-body bag[6] is a trend accessory to watch out for this season. Comfortable to wear, these bags help to spread the load and weight of your bag across your shoulders. Rather than wearing a bag with just one strap on your shoulder, the cross-body bag allows you to balance the weight more across your back. In addition, you can alternate the direction of the bag easily. It is also a safe way to carry your belongings when traveling.

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5. Utility/Military

Lastly, I will consider the utility or ‘military’ trend. This is a fashion trend which will always come back around in the future. So if you do buy a key piece from this collection then you know that you will be able to wear and use it again. From a camouflage style hat or jacket to leggings or even a bikini, khaki greens, neutral brown tones and black and white are the order of the day. What is great about these colors  is that a lot of them can be worn as everyday shades so you will not feel too out of place on a weekend wearing one of these camouflage style items.

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This trend can look fantastic when incorporated with denim shorts or a denim jacket, as well as the mirrored sunglasses mentioned in tip three. Some of you who are bolder may even mix the neon trend with military and wear a neon vest top with khaki color shorts. Look for jump suits or ‘boiler suits’ as they are also known, in dark green and more earthy tones. This will be great for more of a 'day-to-day look' than the neon trend which is more suitable for evening wear or when on holiday.

I hope that these five brief fashion trends and ideas can provide you with some inspiration for this season, especially if you do not normally follow fashion. If you are unsure of any specific item then look for more practical clothing or accessories which you can get lots of use out of. If you do this then following trends will feel like it is worth both your time and your money. If you would like some fashion and makeover tips then do explore my article on this subject too.

Below is a video from You Tuber ‘Sydne Summer' with her quick guide on how to wear neon this spring/summer 2015.