Leather pants today are very fashionable, they have moved away from the old retro style seen here

And has moved to a hybrid form between pants and leggings. What this means is that they are more tight fitting often referred to as ‘skin tight’.

In my opinion the new hybrid womens leather pants are much better and complement the female physic much more than ever. But because they are a hybrid between leather pants and leggings it is not right to call them womens leather pants anymore but rather womens leather leggings. There are many styles out on the market today and even more celebrities featured wearing them.

It easy with these leggings to bring out the rock chic in you, as its so hard to suppress the sexiness that comes with a pair just check out these celebs sporting them, here we can see Heidi, Olsen and Rihanna looking amazing in theirs!

Tips on how to wear yours:

Well we have seen that the celebs can wear them in style but can we?

You can but you have to play it smart with these 4 simple rules.

1.Cover your ass! These leggings are to be seen as tights, so make sure you cover you bum with a long shirt or a dress because, Leather camel toe is unthinkable!

2. It isn’t necessary to be thin and tall to rock these leggings, for example check out Miss Kardashian, she’s has a curvaceous body and she looks great in them too. But you do have to make sure your legs are in good shape, a small hint, heels will make the difference.

3. You want to look feminine and feel sexy when you wear them, so to avoid looking like a Goth Accessorize! A few girly bangles and colours will suffice.

4. A bad artist invents, a good artist steals! If you aren’t sure of how to look great in your leather leggings find your favourite celeb and mimic their style, you can’t go wrong and you will look fantastic.