Clutter is something that is dealt with each day. But when you are in require of something important and have to find it in a pile of unorganized heap of stuff, it can result in a lot of stress. Perhaps surprisingly, this might be something that could be totally eradicated if you have the proper accessory for it. A few of you could be inherently disorganized and an instant instance of this could be the look of your office desk. Transform the way in which your peers think of you and lead a stress totally free organized life with this wonder product, the WonderFILE.


The Wonderfile portable organizer is compact and comes in 3 basic colors: plaid, black and red. It is a one stop shop for filing all your essential papers, stationery, writing pads and so on. It has center pockets and four corner pockets to put away envelopes, books and large papers without the will need to fold them. This solution also has space for fitting your laptop and therefore avoids the need to carry a significant laptop bag. It also creates a smooth writing surface thereby doubling up as a paper pad. There are also zipper pockets for filing any private check books and documents. Their design is compact and hence is very easy to transport and take with you.


Normally called a portable workstation, the name fits this item to a T. It is a ideal solution to hobbyists and collectors of all kinds. Your are now able to have all your discount coupons organized and store your cards easily. Event managers find this an ideal companion because it is an excellent tool for planning unique events and parties. This accessory is also best for crafters who can put away their papers, stickers, pens and a great deal of other stuff with no anxiety about losing or misplacing them. This is a holistic solution for all those who wish to have a convenient workplace set up anywhere. Transportability and innovative compartmentalizing are its unique benefits along with many others.

The best component of this item is that it helps in storing different things for different people. It is an excellent solution for executives who want to take their work house. They're able to store their laptop, cords, thumb drives along with other accessories. Teachers think of this as a handy organizer that can bring in some sort of order in your classroom. Moms are often balancing several responsibilities and this solution is really a great help for them in much more ways than one.

Although there are numerous kinds of portable organizers easily obtainable in the market today, this solution is genuinely unique and has raised myriad positive consumer reviews amongst its users. This portable workstation keeps your card, files and paperwork organized. It comes at a cost of just $19.99 with an additional $7 for shipping charges. Another Wonderfile in the exact same color (as the first one) comes totally free (excluding S&H charges) and is a portion of the special offer. Organize your life with this wonder product.