Over the centuries, the ways of paying for goods varied: from the original bartering system, whereby all sorts of goods exchanged, to the present system of payment with either a credit card or writing out checks. There are large choices of personal checks available from which to make a choice, remembering that there are bank criteria to adhere to when you order checks online.

Choosing your personal check

The uniqueness  of personal checks is great for a conversation piece, as they truly are reflection of things that you like and the lifestyle you live. There are so many options of checks from which to select, that the fun of choosing what you personally want is very exciting.

Some popular personal checks

Here are some of the more than one thousand personal checks up for choice when you order checks

  • Animal and Wildlife checks
  • Animal prints checks
  • American Patriotic checks
  • Cool Checks
  • Border collie personal checks
  • African artistry checks
  • America in the wild checks
  • Adoptable  Pets checks
  • Cherry blossom checks
  • Parchment checks
  • Antique U.S. flag personal checks
  • Awe inspiring waterfall checks
  • Military checks
  • Inspirational checks
  • Flower and garden checks


personal checks

Ordering checks

There is no end to the options and designs available for you when you order checks. Boxes of checks are available with singles or with duplicates.  For your convenience, with your order, deposit slips and check registers are available for FREE. Delivery of your order is speedy with orders of personal checks from the catalogs online. To match your checks, you can order personalized address labels and checkbook covers  at the same time.

Kinds of checks

  • Personal checks. Checks issued by you
  • Business checks. Checks used by businesses
  • Cashiers checks. Bought at the banks from funds in your account with guaranteed payment
  • Certified checks are guaranteed checks
  • E-checks.  Checks bought online. Less costly and the choice of designs more varied
  • Travelers checks. For use worldwide when on travel

Attractive personal checks

The Adoptable Pets checks: This is a check with its special design of dogs with appealing woeful eyes just begging to give them a home.

Beach and Ocean: Ideal for those who long for the sight of the beach. You might not be able to feel the spray on your face or taste the tang of salt in the air but pictures will whisk you away on a wave of longing.

Antique United States Flag personal checks: This is a check for your use as a proud American, with an interest of the past.

David Dunleavy checks: For anyone who loves wildlife, Dunleavy’s stunning pictures make for a check that really get you noticed.

Career personal or business checks: What better way than to shout how you make your income or what business you run by having a picture on your check that signifies your profession.

There are many more delightful and intriguing personal checks to choose from in the fantastic range available. So, simply select the one that appeals to you the most and suits your personality and mood.

Financial Safety

Choose your check supplier carefully when you order online. You want to make sure having financial security. We all know that scams do exist, and off-course no one want to be a victim. With a good site, security practices are well enforced and there is not any problem with information divulged.

Buying Personal checks

It is an enjoyable experience when you buy personal checks online. The next time you need checks, order checks from the catalogs online, out there just for you.