‘’What art was to the ancient world, science is to the modern’’. Whether to make a phone call or to cook our food, everything now runs on our finger tips and for this thanks to science which opened new gates to all these gadgets and technology which nowadays are making our life remarkably relaxed and stress-free. If we just think for a second that if somehow science couldn’t be able to find ways to these appliances how our life would be. It would be same as it used to be in early 70s or 80s. The most tremendous achievement of the world is surely the invention of computers which was achieved in the year 1945. The computer invented was housed in a 30×50 foot room but once again thanks to the human brain that now computers are packed down into a human palm size.

 With no doubt that computer world have achieved so much in a short span of time that any other field have but keeping in view the medical side, medical science knowledge and research has gone to such an extent that almost all the ailments have found a cure. Vaccines check the spread of infections as cholera, smallpox, etc. penicillin and streptomycin have proved to be a blessing for humanity. Through the x-ray and cat scanners we can see the inner parts of the human body. Soon, it will become possible to cure cancer and AIDS also. Heart surgery has already become a matter of routine. Medical science has given eyes to the blind, ear to the deaf, voice to the dumb, and hand and feet to the cripple.

As we look over the bright side of the achievements of science we have forgotten the meaning of distance and now thousands of miles can be covered within hours. Once speaking to a dear one living in the far side of the world was a part of our wish list but it’s never too late science found the way to this wish as well and now one click on Skype and on the screen is your loved one. Isn't that so simple! 

 The advantages of science is not only restricted to the urban population. It has made remarkable achievements in the agricultural, forestry and fishery fields. Invention of farm mechanization has replaced the old ways of farming.

 Science today is not only making its mark in the known fields of life, but on the other hand its challenging nature and its truth lies in techniques like cloning tissue culture and PCR.

 But no matter how peak success the science has achieved and has worked wonders in our life, it cannot be said that is altogether a blessing. The fear of war and destruction hands over our heads all the time. The invention of cruise missiles, bunker busters, nuclear and smart bombs has created unhealthy relations between different countries and are being use to end the human and this earth.

So it will be better if we use the positive and harmless side of science and technology to fulfill our need instead of using its blacker side.