Biodegradable Cat Litter Alternatives

Great Wood-Based Litter Options to Try!

Searching for a biodegradable cat litter to your traditional clay-base? Fortunately, you will not have to look very far. There is increasing demand for cat litter that will do the job without creating unnecessary health risks. Surprisingly, there are a lot of options.

Wood Based Cat Litter Alternatives

Here is a list of wood based kitty litter alternatives and a brief summary of their best features:

Feline Pine

Average Cost: $8 - $16

Feline Pine

One of the most popular wood-based litters is called Feline Pine. If you are interested in a product that does not have stinging dust pickup, Feline Pine is an excellent alternative to clay-based cat litter. Here are a few of it's most beneficial features:

  • Wood-based litter that either comes in small composite pellets or a soft, clumping formula.
  • Biodegradeable: Feline Pine can be flushed or used outside. 
  • Track-free & oil-free keeping your floors free of scattered litter and residues. 
  • Lighter than traditional clay kitty litter. Feline Pine is made of sawdust from pine scraps and therefore, it is not a heavy formula like clay. 
  • No synthetics, dyes, or silica for a much safer product for your pets. 

Yesterday's News

Average Price:  $8 - $14

Yesterday's News

Yesterday's News is made by Purina and have created healthy cats and healthy owners with a newspaper-based litter made rom recycled newspaper. 

  • Yesterday's News is 3x more absorbant than clay!
  • Extremely low odor.
  • Virtually no tracking. 
  • Non-toxic!
  • Unscented with no fragrance or chemicals. 

CareFresh Pet Bedding

Average Price: $8-$15


CareFresh is a fluffy, wood-based product most commonly used for bedding in rodent cages. However, it works great for your furry feline friend! CareFresh also offers a cracked, pine pellet formula similar to Feline Pine. 

  • Dust-free
  • Biodegradeable Cat Litter!
  • Compostabe, like most other plant-fiber based products. 
  • Superior Odor Control. 

Good Mews

Average Price: $15

Good Mews

Good Mews is a wood-like, pellet-based litter designed to give your cat a great texture to dig and bury. Good Mews contains no toxins or cedar and is made of 100% recycled paper.

  • Pellets are non-abrasive and non-irritating for less chance of infection.
  • Safe, if ingested and dust free.
  • A completely biodegradable kitty litter that is made from recycled paper products. 
  • Natural fibers absorb quickly and neutralize ammonia odors, leaving the cat litter box fresh and dry. 
  • No more cleaning up the fine "sand" tracked from the cat box.
  • Only available in small retail stores throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, like Fred Meyer & Quality Food Centers. 

Which Wood Based Kitty Litter is Right for Your Cat? 

Every feline is different and therefore, may or may not care for a litter change. Always try something new with caution and slowly convert litters, by adding a gradual amount of the new litter to the old. With several pleasant qualities of wood base cat litters, making the change from traditional clay should be a no brainer!

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