Wooden star from Popsicles

Children love doing all sorts of crafts. Wood crafts are no different and Popsicle sticks are safer than allowing the younger child to use a drill or hammer. There are so many things they can make although you will make even more things if you can creativity loose and use your imagination.

Many kids love to play with farmyard animals or have war battles with the army men. Therefore why not make fence to keep their farm animals in or a fort to protect them from the attacking Indians. This can be done by using two sticks parallel, and then glue sticks onto them as with a picket fence style. To reduce amount of sticks used leave the width of stick between each Popsicle stick.

Wooden Trinket basketSmall fruit bowl or trinket dish

For this little wooden dish you will need some Elmer's craft glue and a collection of ice cream or bought Popsicle sticks.

Lay three sticks on the table so it looks like a hexagon with a missing stick between each one. Place a dob of glue one each end of each Popsicle.

Lay three sticks in the missing gaps joining it up to make a full hexagon. Make sure that it is even on all sides before the glue dries.

Add three more sticks the same as you did the first time dobbing glue on each end and just continue to build up the sides to the required height of your choice.

The bottom part – Now you have to start closing it in, by adding the next three sticks a little closer to the center. With each layer you put them closer. Continue this way until you cannot do it without overlapping. Now close the bottom off with Popsicle sticks glued all the way across the bottom, all lying in the one direction. And now leave it to dry.

Square box

Make in the same way as the basket only you need to lay two stick parallel then lay sticks all the way across the base two to form the floor. Now lay two more sticks on both opposite sides and glue. Now lay two more on opposite sides again and glue. Continue as high as you want.

If you would prefer to put a lid on this you can do the same as the bottom to form the lid.

A wooden star

You will need six Popsicle sticks, glue, and if you wish to hang this you will need some thread. Decorate it by painting or sprinkle with sparkles.

Glue three Popsicle sticks into a triangle gluing corners together, and then do the same with other three. Now put them together so that the corners all point in a different direction. Glue together and decorate.


There are also a lot of different toys that you can makewith popsicles like stick men, and toy pull wagons. Type into the Google search engine for more interesting ideas.

I hope this will give the children something different to make that will not cost the earth and not make too much mess either.