Collecting Wood Dolls

Wood dolls are fun to collect by all, regardless of budget restraints or individual preferences. Wooden dolls are among the most enduring collectibles, standing the test of time majestically and spanning many generations.

Wood happens to be one of the earliest known materials for crafting dolls. However, wood dolls are very uncommon these days as the hard, unyielding nature of wooded dolls was discarded in favor of more pliable materials.

This, of course, is quite understandable as wood is certainly not the material of choice for a child’s toy. Incidentally, the earliest wood dolls crafted were not made for child’s play, but rather were symbolic and ceremonial figures.

Today, most, if not all, wood dolls are created especially for collectors, as they are highly prized for their ‘old-time’ ambiance, as well as their superb hand craftsmanship. If you choose to add wooden dolls to your collection you will find that there is indeed a wide variety of such figures, running the gamut from cheaply made to delicately carved.

Wooden Dolls

Where to Buy Wooden Dolls for Sale

Roadside stands, thrift shops, galleries and internet auctions are all great sources from which you can acquire wood dolls. You can even buy wooden dolls on Amazon.

Learn all you can about the identifying characteristics as well as the values of authentic antique dolls. Slowly immerse yourself within the culture and expand your collection gradually as your knowledge increases.

Because of their durability and sturdiness, wood dolls are relatively easy to display safely. By following simple guidelines you can ensure that your collection will be in mint condition for many years to come.

* Keep your dolls from direct sunlight and check for fading regularly. Most wood dolls are dressed in fabrics that are not lightfast. Compare the color of the clothing at the back of the doll with the front, to see if there are any variations of the shade as a result of sun exposure. If there is, then put in place additional rotation from the sun's rays.

* Never ever store your dolls in plastic. Dirt and dust particles are to be avoided at all costs. Most collectors store their figures in glass containers.

* Only touch dolls if you are sure that your hands are clean, free from moisture and oils of any sort. If in doubt, don gloves.

* Pests can easily wreak havoc on wood dolls, especially carpenter ants and termites. Regular inspections will minimize or avoid damage altogether. Have your local pest control department do regular checks.

As a beginner collector, you are embarking on a fulfilling and rewarding hobby. Each wood doll has a story and a unique set of circumstances surrounding its creation. Wooden dolls are generally carved by individuals and, as a result, tend to be made in relative seclusion, as they were mostly made by artists or by cottage industries.

However, there are dolls which have been made by parents for their young children, but the most elaborate and intricate designs were done by skilled artisans. If you are a beginner on a budget, start small and remember to have fun collecting!