Thinking about building your own wood magazine rack?  There are many sets of magazine rack plans available ranging from simplistic and elementary to ornate and advanced.  Many simple plans are available online for free however some of the best woodworking plans can be found in the various guide books such as The Weekend Woodworker’s Project Collection, The Big Book Of Weekend Woodworking, and Woodworking Basics which are written for various levels of carpentry experience.  These beginner’s guides and others in particular can be very helpful for anyone with basic tools and for anyone just starting out with home craftsmanship.

Simple Magazine Rack Plans Anyone Can Follow

One simple set of wooden magazine rack plans that just about anyone can follow are the wooden magazine rack plans published over on Yahoo’s Better Homes & Gardens.  This set of plans is about as simple as it gets with roughly two pieces of wood coming together to make a raised rack for magazines or similar items

Similarly a number of quality woodworking plans can be found in The Big Book Of Weekend Woodworking.  This book actually has a good number of plans available for your choosing in many different categories but the recent customer reviews on Amazon makes this option stand out.  Many DIY magazine rack plans call for more intermediate level skills and equipment – although these may be more interesting designs simple designs almost always prove to be useful around the house… even in the instance when the rack gets repurposed for other uses.

Wooden Magazine Rack Ideas

One other nice thing about getting your hands on dedicated published guides to woodworking and DIY projects is that you can really brainstorm for new ideas, many of which you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  It’s easy to think of buying or building a cheap magazine rack table for the living room or a wall mounted magazine rack for the home or office but many interesting ideas may jump out at you like installing a recessed bathroom magazine rack to save space or building a postcard display rack for decoration around the home.

Other wooden DIY rack ideas include buying or building your own coffee mug tree stand or hanging wine glass holders each of which are well within the budgets of most people and easily in the ability of the most novice woodworkers.  The Big Book of Weekend woodworking (link above) has many projects like these and others, including building a wooden magazine rack or similar piece.  Their not hard if you stick to basic plans.

If you end up perusing through some of the highest rated DIY woodworking guides on Amazon and decide that the work of building your own magazine racks may be a little too much for you then keep in mind that buying home goods and furniture items such as these on Amazon is one of the easiest and cheapest places.  Not only are there plenty of affordable options but there is an amazing amount of variety in their marketplace as well.  This makes for finding the most interesting magazine rack stands possible and makes for comparison shopping for price quite simple.

Of course there are also plenty of free wood magazine rack plans available for download just about wherever you look.  If you want to check out what’s available for free online some good options include Woodworker’s Workshop, Absolutely Free, and DIY Network all of which should help you out with both free advice as well as commercial products and assistance.