Wood shed kitCredit: shedbisa.blogspot.com

A lot of people really want to build their own shed but simply do not have the spare time to build it or the skill level required. A simple answer is using a pre-built kit. These kits are pre-made, the kits comes with all the pieces you need...Wall panels, Door, window, flooring, and roofing. A complete kit that you just put together.

There's a large selection of wood shed kits available in attractive styles and sizes. Standard sizes commonly are 4'x8'...5'x10' and 8'x12'. Smaller storage sheds usually have a single door, 1 window while the large sheds come with double doors, 2 or more windows. Some of  the larger storage shed kits likewise have garage style doors which are much easier to open and close and really handy if you need to store large bulky items for the winter.

These kits come as, greenhouses, storage sheds, metal sheds, etc. Of course, discounting what size or style you choose, you can pick different roof and window styles to complement your house. Costs will vary depending on upon the style and size you choose. As with storage units too, the bigger the unit, the higher the cost becomes. The most cost efficient way to get one that you can put together yourself by following the outdoor storage shed plans you purchase.

Many of the manufacturers of these kits offer a assortment of add-ons including shelving units, windows that open, shutters, skylights, lights, and foundation kits. Because most of the shed kits don't come with the foundation, you'll need to get a foundation kit as well.

Storage Shed(40377)A nice advantage of using these foundation kits is that there often made of galvanized steel or treated wood which will give you years of service. These galvanized steel shed foundation's  tend to save you more money because they generally are cheaper then treated lumber.

Wood sheds kits are usually more costly than building it from scratch. Good high quality cedar wood sheds are the most high-priced, but the best in quality. Wood is heavier than metal, plastic, or vinyl. You could have the added cost of having the kit shipped to your home.

As the size increases, the more difficult it's going to be to lift the walls, roof, and other parts for installation. Another problem with some of these kits is that you'll need a certain degree of carpentry skills to assemble them. Whether buying a wood shed kit or building it yourself, remember the shed walls will need to be painted or stained regularly to prevent rotting and damage by insects. 

Before you go out and spend a bunch of money, go to your local city hall and find out if there's any restrictions or bylaws to follow. Each municipality is different. Try to talk to your local building inspector, there very helpful at giving you ideas and building tips. You might have to buy a permit. Read my Article Shed Plans - 5 Tips For Successfully Building Your Shed! For more information and tips.