Wood ShelvesWhile shelving is functional, it can also be decorative. With it, the unused corner of your house can be transformed into one of its beauty spots. It doesn't really matter where that corner is, whether that is in the kitchen, in the living, in the bedroom or even if it is in your office.

Wood wall shelves are some of those types that can serve well as both storage equipment and as decorative pieces of furniture. They can be considered as classic additions to a home or an office. With the "wooden" elegance that they bring, along with their storing capability, they indeed are something of great value.

If you look or shop for wooden shelves, you will see that there are numerous varieties of them that can be purchased. There are types that are hanging while some are made to be wall mounted. There are even some types that are adjustable offering you freedom to add and remove some features.

The types of these wood wall shelves are made different from each other by their designs, sizes and the materials used to have them produced. The size that you should pick is basically dependent on the size of the corner where it will be put. If it will have to be placed in a small corner, of course, you will need a small shelf. And same thing goes if the corner is large.

However, when it comes to the design and the type of wood used, you have to be perceptive when choosing. You have to get it blend with the room to which it will be placed. For example, if you want an ambience of elegance in your room, you can go for a pine or oak wall shelf with smooth and sophisticated carving. And you have to look into the craftsmanship of the shelves too to be able to assess its quality.

For the structure of the shelves, the height between each must not be too much. This is to ensure that available spaces are not wasted. And when placing items, make sure that the heavy ones are placed on the bottom shelf to avoid the danger of hurting yourself when trying to get them.

Indeed, wooden shelves can both be useful and decorative. However, to be able to get one that is both at the same time, proper picking or choosing must be implemented. And there are things that must be considered when doing that like the type, the size, the design of it. Most importantly, the kind of wood used must also be checked.