My vacation time is precious, is it worth it?

Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Mall

The glit
z and endless crowd around 5th Ave boutiques doesn't come without a price.
I'm bargain hunting again and this time I'm north of NYC at Woodbury Premium Outlet Mall. This is the 3rd city that I've
visited and now the 3rd outlet mall which I can compare against.

You can buy a bus ticket to Woodbury Common Premium Outlet mall at the Port Authority
bus terminal at 42nd St and 8th Ave for $42. If you want to save $5 on the bus ride get the New York Pass

The buses basically run every 45 minute to the mall. The trip will take 1 hour to reach there
but may take 90 minutes for the return trip due to rush hour traffic. The bus was clean and the
driver may tell you about taking a picture of the skyline as he drives toward the mall. Sit on
the right side of the bus near the window for the best shots.

The mall consists of 220 mostly brand name stores.
Woodbury Common is an outdoor style mall. The stores divided into 5 sections with
information and the food building in the center, the stores are in no particular order.

If you take the paid bus service I mentioned earlier you'll receive a coupon book of savings.
Trust me this coupon book provides an extra 10%-20% or more of discounts on top of the
average 15% on most items. When you combine the two it's a powerful combo of close to 40% off!

Here are my tips on successful shopping at Woodbury Outlet Mall

1. Bring a decent sized knapsack. Storing your purchased goodies is easy
and you can keep your hands free and move faster from store to store.

I said a "decent sized" knapsack because a large one will cause you to bump people in stores
and make it difficult to navigate.

2. Wear Runners! Flip flops, soccer shoes or stilettos will not help you power shop and will
slow you down. I was racing from store to store with great ease and comfort with my running
shoes and my feet were thanking me for it!

3. No need to plan a strategy on which section of the mall to conquer first. Since the stores are
randomly ordered just go from store to store in one direction. However, if you have specific
stores you must go to and limited time then you need to plan the fastest route

4. Don't starve yourself. Make some time to get a bite to eat and rest your tired feet. I would suggest after a few hours of shopping, breaking the shopping experience into two parts.

5. Keep track of your discounts! I was terrible at this, I just assumed the cashier would always ring up the right discount for each item.
My wife pointed out discounts that the cashier missed and after that I kept my eye out for accuracy.

Overall Woodbury outlet mall is an excellent and a must go for super savers like myself.
The choices of products was really good but less than that of their times square counterparts.
I can't wait to go back to New York and make another visit to Woodbury Premium Outlet Mall.