Outdoor Planter Boxes for Your Home and Garden

Outdoor planter boxes create a striking look, accenting decks and porches with their colorful blooms and are also great for container gardening. They may be built from wood, PVC and other materials that are weather resistant. Ideally suited for apartment gardeners due to their varying sizes, outdoor planter boxes are very adaptable and can be relocated to find the perfect combination of sun and shade necessary for various plant varieties.

Materials Used to Create OutdoorOutdoor Planter Boxes Planter Boxes

Many materials are used to create outdoor planter boxes, with wood, PVC and clay being three of the most popular. Various types of metal both painted and copper are also used and are generally combined with a plastic liner. Clay allows the plants roots to breathe and is the best for that purpose however wood is a close second. All planters will require drainage and PVC's durability allows it to be an excellent material for use as well.

Wooden outdoor planter boxes are often thought of as the old half whiskey barrel planters, however they have evolved a great deal. Often made of teak, cedar and redwood these planters are often beautifully crafted in various shapes and sizes. They may feature panels for an elegant design or be more of a rustic style, roughly sawn and put together. Often copper or brass bands may be placed around the wood serving both as an accent and to create a stronger box. Some popular styles resemble a picket fence or different lengths of durable planks and rounded post tops. The woods used for outdoor planter boxes are generally rot and insect resistant, plastic liners may be used to extend the life of the wood as well.

PVC is another type of material that is often used to build outdoor planter boxes due to its durability. It may be used to create a wood like or even a clay appearance and is extremely durable and long lasting. It's lightweight and inexpensive and will withstand many years of use even in harsh environments with minimal care.

Terra cotta or clay outdoor planter boxes are the supreme for the best plant health. However due to their fragility and weight they may not always be suitable for every location. Clay is available in many sizes and shape and may be very simply styled or have additional embellishments to dress it up. Other coordinating items such as birdbaths and other garden accents may also be available.

Metal outdoor planter boxes are commonly found and may be mixed with other materials such as wicker and rattan. Many styles are available some with decorative feet, tall models as well as circles and box shaped. A plastic liner will usually be required when purchasing a metal planter box for outside use.

Planting Outdoor Planter Boxes

Planting outdoor planter boxes is similar to planting flowers in the house and garden. They are ideal for planting small gardens that require different types of soil than what is available in the garden. For instance, roses thrive in a clay mixture while other types of plants require a well drained gravel mix.

Ensure that drainage is available and if necessary use a tray under the planter to catch water as needed. If a plastic liner is needed or desired place it around the exterior of the pot and fill 2/3 full with a moist soil medium. Place the plants in the planter and fill to the desired height with soil. Placing the plants closer together in the planter than in a regular garden setting will ensure a lovely container garden. Using plants of various heights and styles will create an interesting and beautiful setting.

Shopping for Outdoor Planter Boxes

Shopping for outdoor planter boxes can be accomplished locally at home and garden stores as well as discount and farm supply stores. Shopping online will provide hundreds of options including unique styles, sizes and materials. The vast selections can be found through specialty garden supplies as well as through commercial sites which offer large cement outdoor planter boxes for setting on street corners and in front of entryways.

Pricing Outdoor Planter Boxes

The pricing of outdoor planter boxes will vary significantly according to the size and material used. A basic wooden planter box will begin in price at approximately 60 dollars for a 16 inch size and will go upwards from there. A faux stone made of a type of fiberglass is available from 150 dollars and inexpensive plastic ones can be found beginning at 30 dollars. Due to the vast selection and price range it is ideal to really shop and compare prices once a style is chosen.