Why Wooden Bar Stools are the Best Bar Stools

Add some old-world ambience to your bar with wooden bar stools. There’s nothing cooler than a bar filled with wood. Wood feels earthy and natural. It brings us back to an older time: a smoky pub in Dublin, or an atmospheric Parisian café.

Metal Bar Stools

Have you ever sat on a metal bar stool? They just don’t feel the same. There’s something cold and dispassionate about them. They don’t have the same range of options as wooden bar stools; metal is metal, but wooden bar stools can come in a variety of colors, finishes, and types of wood.

First Thing to Do

The first thing you should do when getting some wooden bar stools is to look around the room and decide what color will work best. What color is the bar? (Or, if you’re putting the stools near a kitchen counter or island, what color is it?) Unless you buy your wooden bar stools together with a bar or table, odds are they won’t be a perfect match. But that’s all right. Just try to make them match the general tone of the bar, and the rest of the room. Is your bar a dimly lit room in the basement? You probably want your stools dark. Is your bar in a sunny room with light-colored furniture? Then perhaps you want bar stools in a white, natural, or walnut color.

One thing you should make sure of when getting some wooden bar stools is that they have a good, quality finish. Because if people are drinking in these stools, sooner or later, something is going to get spilled. You don’t want any of these accidents to stain your new furniture. A high-quality finish will protect the wood, allowing you to easily wipe away any spills.


What about the other options available? Wooden bar stools can come with or without a back, and with or without armrests. A bare-bones bar stool will just have four legs and a seat, and this is fine for many bars. Adding a seat back or armrests can make the seat a little more comfortable, but may be more expensive.

Another option is whether to get a bar stool that rotates, or one that does not. Personally, I’m a big fan of rotating bar stools, but it depends on your situation. If your bar stools have a seat back, then the ability to rotate becomes more important, because this makes it easier to get out of the seat without moving the stool.

Buying Your Stools

Looking around online, you can find some wooden bar stools that are pretty inexpensive. On the other hand, if you spend a little money, you can get something with a truly rustic feel. If your bar gets used often, it might be well worth the extra money. Old-fashioned bars are some of the coolest places in the world to hang out. And you can have one!