Light Wood Blinds

If you are considering replacing the window coverings around your home, or perhaps you are undertaking a renovation project or doing some redecorating around your home and want a window treatment that not only looks fabulous but offers some level of practicality as well. If so, then some beautiful made to measure wooden blinds are an excellent choice and you can rest assured that they will never go out of fashion. They are a timeless classic that is an ideal way to bring a touch of nature and the beauty of the outdoors to the inside of your habitat or abode.

As a practical way to dress the windows of your home they have many advantages in terms of their ability to control the amount of sunlight and privacy you may require in a particular room. Wooden venetian blinds are ideal for this purpose due to the fact that the horizontal wood slats can be tilted to almost any required angle to precisely direct the sunlight to any part of the room. This versatility also extends to the level of privacy you may also rehire in the room.

With a wide collection of beautiful wood colours available to choose from including oak, pine, walnut, beech, auburn, chestnut, honey, hazel, maple, cherry and wenge it is very easy to find the ideal wooden blinds to blend into and really compliment your homes decor. If you have some similarly coloured wood flooring or wooden furniture, the addition of some of these glorious wood window shades is the ideal way to continue the natural theme though to the windows and add a real sense of luxury and style. From dark wood blinds to light wood blinds there is a wood colour to suit any rooms colour scheme or homes interior design theme.

White Wooden Blinds

From traditional to contemporary, wooden blinds will enhance the look of any style of home bringing with them a very opulent and luxurious look and feel, together with real warmth and a very welcoming and homely atmosphere. They are also an extremely thermally efficient window treatment that will help to keep the heat in during the winter months and keep your room cool during the summer. They are a very versatile window dressing that is laced with real style and taste.

So if the windows of your home are crying out for a very natural window covering then some stylish wooden blinds are certainly one option you should consider. Maybe some beautiful and very rustic antique pine woods for the kitchen window from English Blinds for that very authentic look, or perhaps some dark wenge wood venetian blinds by Trade Blinds for the dining room or lounge window where a more dramatic and very distinctive look is called for. Whatever style you decide on you will certainly not regret adding these simply gorgeous window shades to your home's decor. They will look fabulous for many years to come and will still look good even if you change the room's colour scheme.

They are also a very easy type of blind to keep clean. Simply give the wooden blinds a dusting every so often with either a damp cloth or get the Hoover attachment on clean them relatively gently. They do tend to gather dust, but then what doesn't, all you have to do is keep on top of it and dust them perhaps once a week to prevent a large build up of dust and to keep them looking as wonderful as the day you installed them. Wooden blinds really are the most fabulous way to bring the windows of your home to life in the most natural way possible.

Black Wooden Blinds