What Is A Wooden Curtain Rod Bracket?


Wooden Curtain Rod Bracket
Wooden curtain rod brackets are a type of curtain mounting system that uses wood as opposed to a plastic or metal hook to hold curtains and valances in place over a window.  Hanging drapes for the first time can be challenging, especially determining the proper amount of support that is needed for your particular window treatment.  A number of variables must be considered before you can even begin to pick out colors and fabrics such as the width and length of the opening,  the sturdiness of the plaster or drywall wall surrounding the window casing, and the window casing itself.  Depending on how you plan to mount your wooden curtain rod brackets you may want to check with a contractor to verify your walls and window trim is strong enough to support the weight of certain types of curtains such as light blocking drapes.  

Benefits Of Wooden Curtain Rod Brackets:

More often than not, wooden curtain rod brackets are used either for their heavy-duty capabilities, or because of their ornate carved designs.  Unlike cheap curtain rod brackets made of metal which can bend and break easily, a wooden bracket will tear out of the wall before it breaks.  If you are using a wooden curtain rod bracket for its sturdiness, try to anchor it directly to studs behind the sheet rock, or through the window casing into the frame that the window itself is secured to.  This will make sure that it has all the “gripping” strength it needs to support a heavy drape like one that blocks out light or sound.  

If you are using a wood curtain rod bracket because of its stylistic appeal, then finding proper anchor points is not as large of a concern.  Although for the safety of your family, you should be sure it is properly secured.  People love the carvings of wood for a variety of reasons.  It provides depth and character to a piece, and it can also be stained an infinite amount of colors to embellish its character and wood grain.  

Types Of Curtain Rod Brackets:

There are three main types of curtain brackets, the first being a single rod system which gives a sturdy and stylish rod to hang one set of curtains.  This style of mounting is best for heavy drapes which demand something more substantial than a thin piece of metal to hold it up.  The second style has two slots to accommodate two separate rods.  A two slot system would be used to hang a lightweight valance behind the main curtain.  Valances can be used to add depth to your window treatments, or to cover old hardware or blinds.  With a two rod bracket you can have your curtains pinned open while keeping privacy and too much light from entering the room.  


Interior Wooden Bracket
The third type of wooden curtain rod bracket is used to mount drapes directly into the window frame.  Using a cup shape, you can insert a rod cut to the exact dimension of your window to provide a clean and streamlined look to your treatments.  
It is also possible to utilize all three types to create the ultimate depth in your drapes.  By using an interior mounting bracket to hold a thin sheer drape, and a two slot system to hold your valance and main curtain, you can cover all angles of your windows.  This is particularly effective for windows facing south or west which receive copious sunlight, or for particularly ugly window frames and hardware.    Whatever your reason for choosing wooden curtain rod brackets, be sure to consult with a professional to make sure your window treatments are safe and secure.