A standard wood filing cabinet is a staple of most all business environments. Be it at home or the office no one working can get by without one. Many people do not use wood filing cabinets but rather metal but especially in environments where appearance is important displaying a well crafted solid wood file cabinet can both exude professionalism and order to potential customers. And when used for personal purposes the wood file cabinet is the perfect way to decorate a room without sacrificing it's function.

Wood File Cabinet

Solid Wood File Cabinet

Because a wood file cabinet is merely a good looking version of it's metal cousin, the plain vanilla black file cabinet, it is usually a tab bit more expensive. The cost however is not static and can fluctuate quite a bit depending on how stylish and ornate the cabinet is. For instance a solid wood cabinet made from the finest wood stylized with wood embellishments will likely cost more than the mass produced wood filing cabinet found at your local discount store.

In fact the highest quality wood filing cabinet is likely found only at custom made shops specializing in creating beautiful and functional furniture. These shops may even allow you to design your cabinet by providing specs for your exact needs. Of course buying a cheaper wood filing cabinet is still an option as they often look better than metal. Regardless of the quality you opt for these wood file cabinets can all come with adequate file cabinet locks and in different sizes for either legal or letter sized documents.

Solid Wood File Cabinet

Another thing to consider when buying a solid wood file cabinet is that the cabinet will be quite a bit heavier than a lower quality piece. It will also be quite a bit heavier than a metal file. This can be both good and bad as arranging it can be difficult. Having said that however a solid wood file cabinet that is much heavier and larger than a slim file or low grade file cabinet is less likely to tip over when the drawer opens up all the way.

Light weight vertical file cabinets usually have to be opened carefully for the top drawers because the weight shift can tip them over. Especially for pieces taller than a 2 drawer filing cabinet this is a problem. Heavy and solid wood file cabinets are less likely to tip over and are thus safer. Outside of the fear of fire they are your best bet for achieving functionality and style in your office.