Wooden Furniture
Since the evolution of non-nomadic cultures, Furniture has been a crucial part of human experience. Furniture are the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating, dining, working and sleeping. These can be a product of design, a form of decorative art and can also serve a symbolic or religious purpose. Furniture can be made from many materials including metal, plastic, bamboo and wood.

Wooden furniture is beautiful, elegant, practical and has a class of its own. These furniture vary in finish, style, design, texture and are an ideal choice for living room, dining room, bedroom, garden as well as offices. Wooden furniture are sturdy, durable, maintenance free and can be refinished to match a selected style & ambiance. Owing to their impeccable quality and charm that these radiate within the home, fine hand crafted Wooden furniture such as wooden bookcases, dressers, dining tables, chairs, sofas, desks, wardrobes and chest of drawers has been gaining popularity all over the world.

Types of Wood used for making Wooden Furniture:
The various types of woods & timbers used for making Wooden furniture can be mainly categorized into Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood is produced from deciduous trees such as oak, teak, sesham, maple, ash and cherry. Softwood, generally used for making decorative furniture, is produced from coniferous tree species such as Pine, Hemlock, Fir, Redwood, Spruce and Cedar. Softwood is also used as raw material for pulp production to make paper and paperboard.

Different Types of Hardwoods
Cherry: A close-grained wood, these are used for making cabinets, boat trim, novelties and solid furniture handles. Cherry wood resists warping, shrinking and is highly durable.

Maple: Maple wood is a fine textured wood with moderate shrinkage and immense strength & hardness. This wood is best for wooden flooring, fine furniture and woodenware such as bowling alleys.

Mahogany: Mahogany is durable and can resist swelling, shrinking and warping. Finely grained and reddish brown in color, these wood are used to craft wooden cabinets, boats, wood facings and veneers.

Oak: Used for making furniture, trimming, boat framing, wooden desks and flooring, Oak wood is highly durable, moisture resistant and has good bending properties.

Rosewood: Dark reddish brown in color, Rosewood is a close grained hard wood with an exclusive fragrance. These are perfect for making musical instruments, piano cases, tool handles, art projects, veneers and furniture.

Shesham: Also known as Indian Rosewood, these are highly durable wood. Rich medium brown in color with deep grains, these are easy to carve and used for making almirahs, cabinets and other home furniture.

Teak: Resistant to warping, moisture, cracking and decay, Teak wood is appropriate to make fine furniture, paneling, shipbuilding, doors, window framing and flooring.

Walnut: This wood can take all types of finishes and is used for making gunstocks, solid & veneered furniture, novelties, cabinetry and wall paneling. Walnut wood is sturdy, has fine texture and can resists shrinking, warping and rotting.

Types of Softwoods
Cedar: Cedar wood is reddish in color, uniform in texture and is resistant to decay. These are used for making chest of drawers, closet lining, shingles, posts, dock planks, novelties and Venetian blinds.

Fir: Fir wood is uniformly textured, resistant to decay, non-resinous, easy to work with and finishes well. These are used to make furniture, doors, frames, windows, plywood, veneer, general millwork and interior trim.

Hemlock: Hemlock wood is used for construction of lumber, planks, doors, boards, paneling, sub flooring and crates. These are light in weight, uniformly textured and resistant to decay.
Pine: Pine wood has a uniform texture and is resistant to shrinkage, swelling and warping. These are largely used in house construction, paneling, furniture and molding.

Redwood: These are light in weight, durable, easy to work with, resistant to decay and wear. Redwood is highly used making outdoor furniture, fencing, house siding, interior finishing, veneering and paneling.

Spruce: Spruce wood are light in weight, resistant to shrinkage & decay, sturdy and are used for making masts and spars for ships, aircraft, crates, boxes, general millwork and ladders