Choosing the right plans

If you are eager to enhance the look of your garden, you should add a gazebo to your home. Nevertheless, there are many choices you can choose from, making your decision a tough challenge. If want a simple project, you should consider building a square gazebo. On the other hand, if you are looking for a complex gazebo with an exquisite look, we recommend you to choose an octagonal shape. 

Moreover, you could also choose the materials, from wood up to vinyl, or metal. Although the kits would be significantly more expensive as compared to a do it yourself project, assembling one should be pretty straight forward. You just have to follow the step by step instructions and tools common to any households. If you want to get the job done quickly and in a professional manner, we also recommend you to ask a friend to help you, when fitting the components together.

Nevertheless, you could build a square gazebo in several ways: you could either assemble it using a kit, or you could buy lumber and build it by yourself. There is a wide variety of wooden gazebo kits you can buy, starting with simple square kits up to octagonal screened gazebos. Generally speaking, a gazebo kit will could come in several different styles and sizes. 

On the other hand, buying pressure-treated lumber, cedar, pine or redwood and building the gazebo by yourself is the best choice, if you want to keep the expenditures as low as possible. Nevertheless, you could ease the process if you use the right outdoor gazebo plans for your needs. There are many free plans online, but if you want the very best ones that come with a complete list of components you should pay a small charge. 

If you have decided to build your own gazebo by yourself, but you are not accustomed with the carpentry techniques, you should look online several gazebo free plans. If you can't find any plans that satisfy your needs, you should consider buying professional plans. Don't forget that the plans should provide a complete list of materials required for the job, as well as their shape and size.

Nevertheless, if you don't have enough time or expertise to undertake the construction by yourself, you should hire a qualified professional. First, you should get estimates from several local handymen and hire the one that provides solid recommendations and ask a decent price for the service. The best part about hiring a contractor is that you won't have to do any kind of work

Building a square gazebo plans


It is essential to comply with the legal requirements, therefore we strongly recommend you to read the building codes, before starting the actual project.

Lay out the gazebo in a professional manner, using batter boards and string. Check every corner of the construction for squareness, otherwise the gazebo won't have a neat appearance. 

Use lumber that is not likely to crack or twist, such as pressure treated lumber, redwood, cedar or pine.