If you want a different experience knitting then you should try wooden knitting needles.

These are great, especially for beginners, because the wood is not quite as slippery as the metal  needles, and therefore stitches do not get dropped. There is also no "clacking" which you tend to get with the metal needles.

Using these needles has become quite popular now. They are usually bamboo, and are smooth and slightly waxed, so that nothing sticks to it. They can be purchased as sets, with all the usual sizes, and also in the double pointed style.

It is easy to do many of the intricate stitches with these needles, as it is not as slippery as other ones.

The only con to having wood, is that they can break, if stepped on or forced too much. So, make sure you are using the right size needles for the weight of wool or yarn you are using for your projects.

You can purchase homemade ones, that wood hobby enthusiasts will make to your order. You can get them created in much longer lengths than regular metal ones, or shorter. Many of the homemade ones, are like works of art and become treasured for years to come. With the one end being crafted from carvings or clay in a decorative and artistic manner, and the other end becoming a smooth point.

The first needles were wood, and it was only in recent yeas that they went to metal. But you can still find vintage ones at estate sales, antique sales and as family heirlooms.

You can also make your own wooden needles. You can try making them from 1/4 inch doweling that you can find at the hardware store. This size dowel will make a size 7 - 8 US, which is a good size for most beginners. You cut them to size, and then using a pencil sharpener to sharpen the one end. You then sand them completely with a find grade sand paper, and then take some wax paper and run it over the wood.

This was the way many people use to make them before. But you can also purchase them in most craft stores and knitting supply stores in bamboo. But if you take the time and go searching the second hand and reuse it stores or even garage sales, you can sometimes find wooden ones for quite cheap.

So, if you have a beginner knitter in the family, or someone who wants to learn to knit, try getting them wooden needles, it is less frustrating for the beginner. They slide just enough, and yet not too slippery.

Wooden Knitting NeedlesCredit: Amazon.com


13" Single Point Bamboo Knitting Needles Set


You can also go shopping online for them and at many knitting and craft supplies. Shopping online is a great way to get variety, and to compare prices. It is like having the worlds knitting stores at your fingertips. Amazon is a great place to start, as they sell all kinds of knitting supplies and also needles and anything you need for your needlework hobbies.

So, if you have just started into the world of knitting and don't have much money to spend on the hobby, you can check out all the second hand stores for not only wooden needles but for cheap yarn and cheap knitting wool and patterns. This is a great way to get started to see if you like the hobby.

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