Loft Ladder

Installing a wooden loft ladder to get access to the unused space in your attic isn't that hard of a job. There's several alternatives for which style of ladder you can buy but for simply a occasional use a sliding or folding ladder which meets or surpasses the, American National Standards Institute and, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. would suit you just fine.

The first step in choosing which ladder you'll need is to measure the height from the floor to the ceiling, plus the thickness of the ceiling joists. Most homes with attic access will be either 2x4 or 2x6 trusses or in the case of older homes usually 2x4 ceiling joists are used. It really won't matter. These wooden loft ladders are made to fit heights from 7 feet up to 10 feet.

Another great feature is there ruff opening needed to install is 22 1/2 inches x 54 inches. Most homes will have 24 inch centers in the ceiling, which means these ladders will fit between the trusses or ceiling joists.


1) You'll need access to the attic to choose the location for the ladder. You want to make sure you have room to stand where your putting the ladder.

2) Make sure there's no electrical wires in the area your planning on putting the ladder.

3) Also watch for plumbing pipes and exhaust fan venting.

These ladders have a capacity of 250 pounds and there purchased as a kit and come with everything you need. In the event that your ceiling rafters are less that 24 inches, you'll need to do some cutting and install some boxing to support the ladder. make sure the ladder you buy comes with all the necessary fittings.

Attic LadderThe Louisville Ladder L224P gives you unobstructed access to your attic or any other ceiling places that are usable. This ladder unfolds to give compact and a tough means to get access to those wasted high-up storage areas. Not only does this wooden loft ladder save space, but just think of the piles of money you'll save on building expensive staircases. This attic ladder folds and unfolds very quietly. When want to use it, just tug on the ergonomic handle that's made to give you a secure grip for easy opening.

Some more features of this ladder is grooved rungs to provide the best traction as you go up and down. Heavy-duty hinges make it unfold smoothly, but they as well prevent it from wobbling hazardously as you climb. A handy built in hand rail gives you added security as you hold something in one hand and grip the ladder railing with the other.

The Louisville Ladder L224P is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation.

This superior quality ladder boasts metal easy to hang metal support straps to help you install it fast. Simple-to-follow instructions show you how to adjust the ladder to the correct dimensions of your ceiling and floor height, producing a tougher base when opened and a perfect fit when closed.