Wooden playpens have a few advantages over the standard fabric or plastic playpen and because of this more and more people have started to buy them. In many homes a special room is set aside for the new family member and lots of time and effort is put into making it look as nice and comfortable as possible. Many people do not like just throwing any old playpen in there because it can wreck the effect that is why specialist wooden playpens are so popular. A few things that do need to be seen to that would differ from the standard pen are a quick once over for nails and screws that have not been properly secured and a quick run over with the hand to see if the wood has been properly sanded down this is a good safety measure to check before you let your baby inside their new area.

A nice addition would be a few of your babies toys just to keep them occupied for while, almost anyone would become board after so long of staring at the room out of a pen so it does not hurt just to add a few toys, a pillow and cover is also much appreciated by your baby with a bit of luck you might get a break because they could fall asleep, some parents chose to keep the area as bland as possible just to help the baby along into sleep because the boredom makes them tired slowly this can be a good way to get some peace although a few people frown on this method.

Safety is an important subject and when you put your baby in the playpen you should be sure to make regular checks just to make sure the baby is alright and not getting themselves into bother which for a baby is spectacularly easy. A few things to keep an eye out for are the size of the slats if they are big enough to get a baby stuck in you can be sure yours will manage and as mentioned earlier a quick check for nails and splinters, they are not the only two things to watch out for but are a good start.

Have a look about for a few deals it is surprising the amount of money you can save if you are willing to take the time and have a good look around at all the various places that sell any type of pen from the wooden playpen to the classic fabric playpen. If you are looking to buy various additional items alongside it then you could buy bundles and save even a sizeable amount of money things like covers, wheels and changing stations all come built into some pens and it is on these the biggest deals can be negotiated.