Wooden toy boxes are the ideal storage space from any child's room. Durable and easy to maintain, good-quality wooden toy boxes will remain in your family for generations. You buy them today for your own children and after a few decades your niece of nephew will store their toys inside. The fun part about wooden toy boxes is they are very versatile items. You can change the color any time you want and, when your child gets older, you can use them for other purposes, like storing books or transforming it into a treasure chest.

How To Maintain Wooden Toy Boxes

Like any item made of wood, those toy boxes need to be maintained properly to last longer. You should clean wooden toy boxes with cleaning products designed specially for wood, based on wax, at least once a week. Don't use any type of cleaning products that are recommended for glass or other modern, shiny surfaces. Such cleaning products may contain alcohol, which is very damaging for wood. Also, you should dust wooden toy boxes regularly, with a soft, cotton cloth. Don't place wooden toy boxes close to any heating sources: not only it might destroy the finish of the box (paint or polish) but it's also quite dangerous, since wood is a combustible material. Wooden toy boxes won't last too long if you put them in a humid space. For maintaining wooden toy boxes in a good shape as long as possible, put them inside a well ventilated room, on a floor that never gets wet.

How To Change The Appearance Of Wooden Toy Boxes

Suppose you bought a wooden toy box for your child when he was a huge dinosaurs fan, and the box has dinosaurs painted all over, but now he's just crazy about dolphins. Or that your daughter just hates her pink wooden toy box and she would love a green one. What do you do? Throw it away and get a new one? Well, that's not necessary: with just a few dollars spent on paint and brushes, you can completely transform all wooden toy boxes. There are a few steps you need to follow when painting wooden toy boxes. First of all, take the box outside or in a room that is extremely well ventilated and without any opened flames (like a stove or fireplace). Then, you need to sand the box really well, with sand paper, until you get rid of the old paint. Once you cleaned the old paint really well, you need to wash the wooden toy box with soap and water and allow it to dry. After those operations, you are ready to actually start painting the box. If you want different characters painted on it, it's much easier then you think: you can find a lot of patterns on the Internet, all you have to do is print and use them to paint your wooden toy boxes as you like. Make sure you buy only non-toxic, water based paint when working on wooden toy boxes.

Safety Rules About Wooden Toy Boxes

A large wooden box inside a child's room might cause different problems. Most of them are large enough for a child to fit inside. Before buying wooden toy boxes, make sure that is impossible for the top to lock itself, with a child inside. You should get wooden toy boxes that don't have any kind of buckle and feature very light tops. A good idea is to make some holes on top or on a side, allowing air to enter the wooden box. In case of an accident, if a child gets trapped inside, he or she will have enough air to breathe comfortably.

When you get wooden toy boxes for small children, you also need to check all the edges of the box. If they are too sharp, they are dangerous for children who are just starting to walk, for example.

Wooden toy boxes – Use Them Creatively

All your children grew up, moved out and don't need toys or wooden toy boxes. What do you do with all those items? Well, you can keep them for your grandchildren, you can simply give them to friends and relatives who still have small children or you can transform them into something useful for your home. You can easily transform wooden toy boxes into great wine stand. Just take the top of, put some square shaped shelves inside and hang it to a wall. You can also make nice, decorative items from wooden toy boxes. Cover the top with your favorite family pictures, holiday shots and postcards you love. Pot a thin layer of polish on top. You made a great treasure chest that looks original and offers you space to store a lot of small items.