I am an expectant father and every time I shop for the baby, I get excited about all-wood toys. They look nostalgic, they feature smooth curves and the parts move easily. I also appreciate products made by hand in the United States. I feel those toys will last longer and I just feel better about committing my money to those companies or individuals.

Stack and Stick, Goshen, Indiana

When I look at Stack and Stick toys it makes me think of Lincoln Logs. They don't look like Lincoln Logs but they work the same way; wooden blocks meant to be used to build different buildings. The wood is natural, bright maple. There are currently four different building sets you can buy. Each Stack and Stick set offers a variety of building choices to make. Each Stack and Stick set also comes with a drawstring tote bag so they can travel anywhere you do.

Uncle Goose, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mother Goose reads nursery rhymes; Uncle Goose spends his time in the garage making fantastic alphabet blocks and other wooden toys. They have their products in stores across the globe and also sell from their website. Just looking at the items on the site makes it clear that experienced artisans expertly construct these toys. They also manufacture hard to find toys such as alphabet and number blocks with Braille, alphabet blocks in seven different foreign languages, Presidential blocks, and more.

Green Leaf Dollhouses, Schenevus, New York

This company is the largest and oldest dollhouse manufacturer in America. Green Leaf produces sixteen different dollhouses and they are all amazing. The detail is really unbelievable. I can only imagine the excitement of a small child getting a real house of its very own. Green Leaf also sells all of the furniture needed to turn your dollhouse into a doll-home. These American made wooden toys are the most lifelike I have ever seen.

Laughing Moon, San Diego, California

One thing I am learning as an expectant parent is the time and energy put toward finishing the baby's room. Those walls must not be bare! Laughing Moon out of San Diego makes the finest wood clocks for your baby's room. These hand painted, handcrafted clocks are likely just what is needed to add a personal touch to your nursery.

Holgate Toys

Holgate has been around for years and currently makes toys from their factory in Bradford Pennsylvania. Holgate makes a large variety of brightly painted wood toys including pull toys, educational toys, puppets, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood themed items, and more. The great thing about Holgate is that they offer so many different items, you can buy toys from them for the entire family.

Maple Landmark, Middlebury, Vermont

Maple Landmark toys are the recipient of numerous toy awards, too many to list here in fact. They make toys for infants including wooden teethers and rattles. Toddlers will be entertained by their American made wooden trains and building blocks. There are even all wood board games for the rest of the family to add to your collection of board games for children. Maple Landmark also makes simple wooden toys kits for children to put together on their own.

Etsy / A Summer Afternoon, Ft. Collins, Colorado

This Etsy seller offers a variety of expertly crafted wood toys for infants and children. Shape-fitting toys, trucks, teethers, rattlers, and many other items grace the pages of their Etsy profile. My favorite item that they make is an all wood tool-kit that includes a wrench, nuts, bolts and a small workbench. You can find some of the most creative wood toys for children on this Etsy site.

For parents, buying toys for children is often a fun experience. Hopefully, you can use this list of American made wooden toys to outfit your child's bedroom and toy box.

Wooden Childrens ToyCredit: PhiseksitCredit: Phiseksit