If you are into collectables then you've probably dabbled in collecting decorative plates. A quality wall mounted plate rack can be a great way to display your plate collections.

They provide adequate protection for them from the wear and tear of other plates touching them. They also protect them from the potential damage than can happen when you display your plate collection on shelf stands which can easily be bumped off of a flat shelf or countertop.

A Plate Rack Hung On The Wall May Be Perfect For Your Home

Wooden Wall Plate Rack Display ShelfMost of us have seen wall mounted plate racks before. They are typically metal frames which wrap around the back side of the plate holding onto the plate by four "corners". The frame keeps the plate from moving and can then be hung on the wall like a picture frame. Some wall mounted plate racks will be a little more secure than others and of course the larger plate racks will be more robust and require a larger wall anchor.

For dealing with collectable plates finding a good source to buy a wall mounted plate rack of high quality may be very important to you. As with most collections they must be displayed if you are expecting to get any significant enjoyment out of them. Plates should be displayed flat so that the decorative surface can be seen and shelf displays re often at precarious display levels and can often be bumped by passing items or by the accumulation of items on a shelf.

Wooden Cabinet Style Plate Rack SystemA wall mounted plate is much safer as once your plates are mounted to the plate rack they get hung on the wall usually at eye level which is often high enough to minimize the risk of being bumped, moved or knocked around. Hanging your plates on wall mounted plate racks are also ideal because you can only display so many items in a china cabinet, or on decorative plate stands on display on a shelf, mantel, or flat furniture surface. The plate rack mounted to a wall opens up an entire house as a possible display zone and can really boost the amount of displays relating to your collection.

Wall Mounted Plate Racks For Everyday Plates

Wall Mount Wood Plate RackThere are a number of different types of wall mounted plate racks to choose from and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are of course the decorative plate racks but there are also the plate racks designed for everyday plates which are used in the kitchen and around the house. Not all wall mounted plate racks are designed for display many are designed to give you easy access to your plates for use in the kitchen.

Often this type of wall mounted plate rack is in the design of a cabinet with an open front. Many times these metal or wooden wall mounted plate racks are merely a frame and other times they are designed as a fully enclosed piece of cabinetry much like a medicine cabinet is typically found in the bathroom. These everyday plate, plate racks usually hold your plates in a vertical position unlike stacking them on top of each other. By positioning them vertically and separating them from each other through the use of plate slots you can easily grab any plate without disturbing the rest of the plates. This can be ideal for delicate plates such as china or heirloom plates.

Not only do wall mounted plate racks which hold your plates designed for everyday use away from each other help protect the plates but they also are a great way to preserve storage space in a tight kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and pantry then buying a wall mounted plate rack for plate storage can be a great way to add to your kitchen's storage capacity without having to reinstall an entire kitchen cabinet system.

Types And Sizes Of Plate Racks

Metal Wall Plate Rack Holder For Three PlatesThere are many different sizes in wall mounted plate racks and each size and style helps in addressing certain goals. The single wall-mounted plate rack is meant more for decorative plates and transforming them into display pieces on a wall. There are also small wooden racks that are merely frames built for holding a small selection of basic dinner ware which a small family might use on a daily basis. These types of plate racks typically hold anywhere from 10-20 plates, and many hold little else. Sometimes they have a shelf built into the tops of them so you can display decoration or useful items on the rack as well.

Large wall mounted plate racks sometimes come with large cabinet style enclosures. They often mimic the use of a conventional kitchen cabinet but are specifically designed to hold plates and dinner wear. They often don't have to be a perfect match to your regular cabinets and can often hold additional items such as saucers, cups, and bowls. Some large wall mounted plate rack cabinets can even hold commonly used accessories making for a one stop storage cabinet for all frequently used kitchen items.

Where To Buy Wall Mounted Plate Racks

Horizontal Iron Plate Rack For Your WallsSome common places that you may find wall mounted plate racks of different sizes and styles include home furnishing stores, and specialty home stores like Pier One. Home Depot and Lowes are other obvious place to find selections of cabinets and wall mounted plate racks. Single plate racks for displaying decorative plates can also probably be found at each of these locations but the best place to find the largest variety at the smallest prices is to do the bulk of your shopping online where stores are not limited in the amount of merchandise they can carry.

Many online stores and mega electronic retailers like Amazon, eBay, and smaller retailers like Kitchen Source and Crate And Barrel have wide selections of plate racks and may be able to beat the prices and styling of your local retailers. Make sure to do your homework before you buy. Measure your plates and make sure you get enough storage capacity for your needs. A wall mounted plate rack can be very convenient but not if it doesn't satisfy your specifications