High quality wooden wall plate racks for kitchens are a great way to improve the productive space in your kitchen and to improve the decorative appeal of your house in general. Everyday dinner plates are some of the most frequently accessed items in the kitchen and the way they are usually stacked in a kitchen cabinet is usually quite clumsy and can be damaging to your plates over the long run. Especially if you have expensive or decorative plates a wall plate rack in your kitchen or dinning room can be a great investment and a simple way to make things easier at dinner time.

Wall plate racks for kitchens or dinning rooms typically come in a few basic forms. There are probably four basic forms that are common although within these general types there are a great number of deviations and unique design elements.

The Horizontal Plate Rack

Wooden Wall Plate Rack Display ShelfThe horizontal wall plate rack is a little rarer than a horizontal shelf rack for plates. The term horizontal implies that the plates will be stacked horizontally much like they are often stacked on top of each other when no rack is used. Usually horizontal plate racks and stands are designed in tiers where the plates simply stack right on top of each other but are separated by shelving units to keep different types of plates accessible even if they are near the bottom of the stack.

Horizontal Iron Plate Rack For Your WallsSome horizontal wall plate racks and shelf stands will provide a small shelf for individual plates to reside untouched by other plates however these are a little less commonly found. Regardless of the style of horizontal stands your plates and dinner wear are usually placed on wooden frames as wood is far less damaging to delicate dinner wear than other kinds of materials.

The Wooden Wall Plate Rack

Wall Mount Wood Plate RackAs previously stated wood plate racks are usually safer for use with delicate plates and dinner wear. For this reason they are probably more commonly found than other types of wall racks. Some single plate wall racks are made of mental and are designed specifically for decorative plates and designed to showcase collectibles but outside of this main deviation most wall plate racks are wooden by design for decorative appeal and for the safety of your dinner plates.

A wooden wall mounted plate rack can generally come in one of two main types. There are the wall mounted plate racks which are open faced and there are the racks which are designed closed faced or partially closed faced forming a rack which is more cabinet-like. Each of these types of wall mounted racks are quite a bit more expensive than simple on-shelf plate stands which are no more than a simple wood stand with pegs. The cabinetry and carpentry work put into many of these decorative and functional plate stands mounted on the wall or placed on the countertop are exquisite and the prices they sell for often emphasize this point.

Different Types Of Wall Plate Racks

Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Plate RackWood dinner plate racks are not the only type of material used for functional and decorative design. You can find many other types of materials used with emphasis on both decorative design and functional design as well.

Stainless steel wall plate racks are good choices for a functional design which can also be attractive in many kitchens. Stainless steel shelves can easily be installed into any kitchen or dining room to offer a dedicated space to stack plates in the open for easy access. Many people think of this as an industrial type of design however even modern kitchens can look great with this type of an option especially if the whole kitchen and dining room is designed in a modern motif rather than a traditional or classical motif.

Other metallic options for shelving include wrought iron, brushed nickel, and copper and each will look similar but with a different metallic color. You will want to plan the metal of your choice based on its ability to go with the color scheme of your kitchen or dining room. Also you may want to consider using a polished metal if you plan on using these stands as a vertical plate stand as the polish metal will be slippery and will be les likely to damage your plates as they are going into and out of the rack.

Where To Buy A Wall Plate Rack

Horizontal Iron Plate Rack For Your WallsYou can always try shopping at your local home furnishing stores to find a wall plate rack to buy however your options are likely going to be quite limited. Most people simply stack their plates in their cabinets and when they do buy plate racks they are looking for simple in-cabinet, on-shelf plate storage ideas which typically involve simple wooden racks and stands or horizontal shelf storage. There is nothing wrong with these options but they are limiting if you really want to incorporate decorative design into your kitchen project.

There are many fine furniture stores which delve into specialty furniture pieces such as wall mounted magazine racks, plate racks, standing coat racks, and all the other kinds of functional yet decorative furniture found in a well rounded house. These stores in your local neighborhood may be the best place to start looking for a quality wooden kitchen plate rack storage unit however even if you have a good source for items in your town you may have better luck shopping online as this will increase your options greatly.

There are many online specialty home furnishing stores such as Xylem Design, American Modern Living, and Four Pair which cater to a wide crowd interested in both functional pieces and decorative pieces. Even mega retailers like Amazon and eBay can be helpful as they can introduce you to small retailers around the country and assist in comparison shopping to get a better understanding of market prices for various types of products.

If you find a few wooden wall plate racks online you should be easily able to decide which rack is the right one based on its design and price point. This variety is something that will be lacking when you shop only in traditional stores. You may indeed find that your local retailer has the best deal but you never know until you look around.