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Wooden Wedding Rings (Part 1)

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Most likely brought about by the continuous efforts to put a spotlight on environmental issues, more couples are opting for wooden wedding rings. There are some things you need to remember though:

1)    You cannot put wooden rings through the same abuse as you would metal. That means you cannot soak them in water or let it become wet for very long. Wooden rings go through chemical treatment that allow you to get it only lightly wet.

2)    There are woods that are stronger such as the narra but these trees take multiple decades to grow and cutting them down just to make stuff like a wedding ring is a disservice to what wooden rings stand for, environmentalism. Choose woods that are easily cultivated.

3)    You may combine metal with wood. Just choose eco-friendly metals like silver.

Here are some woods you may consider when choosing the type of wood for your wedding rings.


Birch Tree Wooden Ring

What It Symbolizes: It is one of the most treasured trees in mythology in history. It symbolizes truth and generosity. This may be because it is one of the easiest trees to grow.

Also, in 1800s, a fire broke out in Swedent that consumed an entire city. However, a line of birch tree stopped the fire from spreading into the next city. Since then, a decision has been made to plant Birch Tree in the whole city.

Physical Attributes: It is pale in color and is often compared to silk in terms of the look. It is one of the easiest trees to grow. Like many wooden ring, it may go through some treatment that will allow you to wet it without destroying the wood. However, it is not advisable that you wet it often.

Image Source: Etsy.com

Birch Tree Wooden Ring

Birch Tree Wooden Ring

Walnut Tree

What It Symbolizes: This wood symbolizes clarity and wisdom. Many attribute this to the fact that nuts are rich in protein. For centuries, nuts have been known as the food for the brain.

Physical Attributes: Walnut rings may come in different colors because different kinds of walnut trees are found in the U.S. This includes black walnut, butternut or white walnut, Japanese walnut, and others. You can choose the colors that suit you best.


Walnut Wooden Ring Set

Walnut Wooden Ring Set

Oak Wood

Oak teaches us strength of character and how to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

What It Symbolizes: It is one a fixture in almost all mythologies and even the bible. That is why it has come to symbolize strength and endurance. Zues, for one, considers oak tree a sacred tree. It was also sacred to Thor (Norse Mythology), Perkons (Batic Mythology), and Perun (Slavic Mythoogy).

Physical Attributes: The oak tree has a rare ability to protect itself by having high levels of toxins. However, it is also extremely useful for those who know how to process it. It has many uses that prompted many countries to declare it their national tree. This is a really strong material and can take a lot of abuse. However, professional jewellers still recommend that you take it off if you will wash your hand or if you will do something that might wet it extensively.

Image Source: simplywoodrings.com

Oak Wood Ring

Oak Wood Ring

Cherry Tree

Cherry teaches us the lessons of clearing the pain of the heart and relating to others in a compassionate manner.  Cherry is the tree of the heart.

What It Symbolizes: Cherry, as a fruit, has become a symbol of friendship, unity, and peace. This is because this has been used by travellers from Europe to express their “good intention” when they arrive at a new land. It has eventually evolved and became symbols of healthy heart and compassion. Many think this is because people in the ancient times associated the its red color and heart, the organ that pumps blood in the body.

Physical Attributes: There are actually many kinds of cherry trees that, each tree bear fruits of different colors. However, the most popular is the red one. This is easy to cultivate and contrary to belief, is actually native to Europe and Asia, not the U.S.

Image: http://www.touchwoodrings.com/galleryAc.html

Cherry Wooden Ring

Cherry Wooden Ring

Pine Tree

What It Symbolizes: Pine tree has always been a tree of peace. This is attributed to its smell and its tradition of being used as a Christmas tree. It has a unique smell that puts the mind in a peaceful state. It is also a tree that is evergreen. It means it has leaves in all season which is why it has also come to symbolize strength as it knows how to stand firm through all seasons. 

Physical Attributes: It is not advisable to wet a pine tree ring even after treatment. Utmost care must be given to the ring. As much as possible, don’t put it through extreme weather conditions. Don’t wet it and don’t expose it to too much heat or too much dirt.

Image Source: etsy.com

Pine Wooden Ring

Pine Wooden Ring

Ash Tree

What It Symbolizes: Ash tree has long been thought of a protection tree. Some mythology indicated that the ash tree was used to repel snakes that would have otherwise killed the some gods. It is also home to some nymphs like Meliae from the Greek mythology.   

Physical Attributes: It is one of the most used trees in the world. It is used to make guitars, bows, baseball bats, and office furniture. It is known for being hard and strong but also flexible. However, it is not ground resistant. This means that it will degrade in about five years if it is left on the soil even if it is treated with chemicals.

Image Source: stoutwoodworks.blogspot.com

Ash Wooden Ring

Ash Wooden Ring

Maple Tree

What It Symbolizes: The maple tree is commonly known as the giving tree. It is offers to others. It sacrifices itself to others. This is because the tree produces other kinds of products. For example, maple trees are sources of timbre while the smaller trees may be used to smoke and produce other foods, and it may also be broken down to be used as pulpwood because the fibers are strong.

Physical Attributes: It is called a tonewood because it vibrates a sound well. It is used as the back of instruments like violin and cello, and violas. Well-known guitar brands also use maple. Les Paul initially wanted to use only maple but the weight of the wood forced him to use maple only on the neck of the guitar.

They are also a source of timber and is necessary for the survival of bees.

Image Source: shirubatree.co.uk

Maple Wooden Ring

Maple Wooden Ring

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Sep 14, 2012 8:18am
I was thinking that wooden wedding rings would be too soft to wear but your article has addressed the concern.
Sep 14, 2012 8:36am
thanks. stand by for part 2 =)
Sep 23, 2012 8:16pm
The Walnut Wooden Ring and the Maple Wooden Ring are my favorite. I like the design of the wood with the metal. It is definitely unique and looks prestigious. This is really neat information. I wish I had this info before I got married 8 years ago.
Sep 25, 2012 5:53am
not yet too late. you can give this as an anniversary gift.=)
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