Restoration Hardware Barrel Chandelier Designs

For those looking to add a dramatic wooden chandelier to a favorite living space, a fixture made from the warm oak recycled from wine barrels will add instant character to the room. With an attractive mix of rich wood and metal, this lighting option offers a look that is both rustic and elegant at the same time.

Naturally-Aged Wood Chandelier

Since a wine or whisky barrel chandelier is made from barrels previously used to produce a batch of fine wine, the wood has a naturally-aged look that is very warm and inviting. In fact, the wood is often stained from its winemaking past and may vary in color from toasty brown to a rich burgundy color.

The addition of metal, often taken from the wooden barrel bands, to accent the fixture and hold the wooden staves in place adds a strong and bold look to the fixture. Depending on the design, this can have anything from an aged iron look to something very upscale that is fit for a luxurious dining space or a gourmet kitchen.

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Bold Wooden Hanging Light Fixture

The wood slats that come from the vineyard have a certain story to tell, and the solid oak staves and metal wine-barrel hoops offer a Napa Valley style that is stunning in an entry hall or over a dining table.

To be sure, this is a chandelier that is fit for a grand space, and the fact that it is made from reclaimed oak is a bonus. When lit, the natural beauty of the red wine barrels will really show off their warm oak tones and create ambiance in the space.

Strong Oak Chandelier

Oak used in winemaking is very strong and of high quality, and any furniture or fixture made from this wood will last for a very long time.

Designed to last for decades, wood barrels are made from solid oak that is kiln dried and tough as nails. Light fixtures made from this durable material will stand the test of time and be enjoyed in your home for generations.

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Rustic Simplicity

One of the best things about a barrel chandelier is how simple but elegant is really is. The warm tones and glow of burgundy that emanates from the wine-stained wooden staves adds charm to a room. It is a very simple look that is both vintage and sophisticated.

Reusing barrels is good for the planet as well. That’s easy to overlook when you see the finished product hanging proudly in your favorite living space. A grand chandelier is a great way to give wine barrels a second life, as this reclaimed wood is high quality oak that is ready for a new use. It really adds a certain character to a room especially when used with other pieces of furniture made from oak barrels too such as coffee stave tables, chairs and much more.

Adaptable To Any Space

Most hanging light fixtures made from the staves from wine barrels will hold several light bulbs in an open habit, and this makes them very adaptable to a variety of spaces. Because the final bulb and shade choice is up to you, the look can be changed to fit your space.

For a simple classy look, candelabra bulbs in either a clear or frosted finished may be used. Or, to make the chandelier less formal and add some color, bulbs may be covered with small lampshades in a solid color or pattern fitting to the room. Even stained glass bulb surrounds may be added to match the decor in the room. The possibilities are many.

If you want a chandelier that has natural elegance and is warm and inviting, a wine barrel fixture is a good choice. With the varying color tone of the wood, no two are exactly alike, and they will last as long as a bottle of vintage wine.

Build Your Own Chandelier

All you have to do is figure out where to get hold of some decent wine barrels for sale and then have a look up online on a suitable DIY plan (most of them are free and are great quality) then you are away! This not only great fun but you can get the lighting chandelier fixture just how you want it.

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