Wooden wine goblets are something from an era gone long ago. Common in the Middle Ages, when pewter and other metals were expensive and reserved for the very wealthy (usually nobility or rich merchants), wood was readily available and cheap. Even some of the lesser nobility often used wooden wine goblets at their tables. By adopting this custom, you can create a little bit of Gothic, medieval elegance to your own dinner parties.
wooden goblet
You can be sure, your guests will talk about your wooden wine goblets. Just seeing them there on the table will give them a feeling of being tansported back in time. The best wooden goblets are made out of one solid piece of wood, so the end product will be strong, sturdy, and less prone to breaking. Goblets that are put together in pieces can easily fall apart, so you know the one piece of wood rule is a sign of quality. There will also be a fine, smooth finish to the wood to prevent splintering (NEVER desirable when you're drinking!), and a sealant to protect the wood from erosion from the acidic wine.

Handmade wooden wine goblets are best, because these are individually produced by crafted artisans who know what they're doing. Some will even work with you personally to great a goblet to your own special design. These types of goblets not only give the feel of Camelot you're after, they also give your dinner party a flair that's distinctly "you."

Once you've got your set of 6 to 8 goblets, be sure to take good care of them. Remember, wooden wine goblets can only be washed by hand. Washing them in the dishwasher will ruin them, as the abrasive detergents will scratch them all up. Just warm soap and water and a soft (not scratchy) wash cloth are all you need to keep them clean and in good condition. Also remember to dry them thoroughly after each use and put them away immediately, preferably upside down, and you'll have a wonderful and charming set of goblets for serving wine that will last you for a lifetime.