So, you have decided to clean out the basement or garage and set up your own work area for your hobby. But when you went to check out prices for wooden workbenches, you were taken by surprise. They can be quite expensive. Usually you have to put it together from a kit, or design and build one yourself.

But there are other options for finding wooden workbenches, if you don't mind doing a bit of homework this weekend. Since these garage work benches, or hobby work benches can be very heavy. This is true of those heavy duty work benches, then you are going to need to secure a pickup truck and a few strong muscles to help you move this.

You don't have to resort to building your own wooden workbenches, you can actually buy these used. As long as you can move them, then you could end up with a really well built heavy duty one for not very much money, that would cost you hundreds to build new.

The first thing you need to do is check out the local paper for any estate sales, or moving sales or large garage sales. Moving sales are the best for this, because most people don't want to have to move too much of their stuff, because moving companies usually charge on the weight. Or maybe they are downsizing. But it would be worth checking out for anything from their garage or shop.

Many times there will be an old wooden workbench that will be sitting there, usually with stuff on it for sale. But you can offer the homeowner something for the sturdy wooden workbenches. Tell them, you have someone who will help you move it, and agree on a price.

Obviously, you are going to want to make sure it is solid, and worth moving. These can be heavy. Don't worry if the top is a bit beaten up, as long as the supports and legs and framework are heavy duty and thick wood, then you can offer a lesser price, and point out the beaten top.

Unless the new homeowner wants this wooden workbench, chances are it has to be moved out. So, they may jump at the idea of getting a few dollars for it, and you taking it away.

Once you get it home, take a good look at it, clean it up, and if the top is beaten up, then get the local home improvement store to cut you a piece of plywood or other smooth wood to the size of your wooden workbench and then attach it to the top of the bench. This will now give you a smooth surface.

Depending on the hobby you need it for, you can then stain, paint or varnish this work top, or you can go a step further and add industrial plastic, the same size as the work top to protect the wood, and make a easy and cleanable surface.

You can get good deals on used wooden workbenches by heading to the garage sales. Estate sales work well for this too, as most of the contents of a house needs to be sold after a death in the family, and if the family is stuck with the house and the contents, which they don't want themselves, then they are likely to negotiate with you.

So, you don't have to build wooden workbenches yourself. You don't have to buy kits, or get someone else to build one for you. You can get used heavy duty wooden workbenches if you take a good look around this weekend.

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