Environmentally Sutainable Clothing

Instead of choosing modern high-tech clothing for this winter's season, consider wool, natures gift of fashionable and sustainable clothing. Thought wool was only for "mountain men?" Think again. There are many types of wool brands and garments that prioritize fashion without compromising function, while always keeping in mind sustainability. Whether you're searching for men's or women's sustainable clothing, there's a wool option for every clothing need that doesn't sacrifice environmental sustainability.

Sheep - the Blessed Source of Sustainable Wool FiberCredit: public domainWhat is Sustainable Clothing?

We can't talk too much more about wool being nature's ultimate sustainable clothing option before briefly defining the concept of sustainable clothing: sustainable clothing is clothing that comes from natural sources, can be continually produced without negative repercussions, and will enhance the clothing wearer's well being. Since wool is continually produced by the same animals without harming them and greatly enhances those who wear it, we think it certainly qualifies as sustainable clothing.

Why Wear Wool?

There are plenty of good reasons to wear wool that make it the natural fiber of choice for shoppers seeking environmental and sustainable clothing while still wanting to be fashionable. For this reason, it's perhaps no surprise that much has been written on the topic of wool. And perhaps you can't get past images and memories of Christmas morning with Grandma expectantly waiting you to try on that newly stitched itchy sweeter? While this type of wool is still certainly sustainable clothing, it's not at all what we have in mind. Particularly now more than ever, there's a wide array of sustainable wool clothing fashions on the market, primarily due to enhanced technology allowing for very fine stitch patterns. But before going into the particulars, lets remember same age-old and timeless qualities of wool clothing, the reasons for its remarkable reputation of the natural and sustainable clothing choice:

  • provides warmth when wet and dry
  • breaths
  • makes no noise
  • vegan friendly (your dog and cat will approve :)
  • natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly
  • lasts a lifetime


Where to find Wool Clothing?

Having remembered these remarkable qualities of the wool fiber when used as sustainable clothing, it's also important to note that nearly every type garment can be found in wool. This means there's something for everyone's particular need and style.

But many times searches for such wool clothing leads people to speciality wool clothing companies, which are often quite expensive. Should you not mind, skip the next sentence, but if you shop on a budget, check out this article on where to find inexpensive wool clothing.  Overall, there's an option for every shopper when searching for the right wool clothing.

Types of Wool Clothing

The Wool Scarf

Perhaps the most versatile and timeless of all wool clothing, the wool scarf offers a wide range of practical uses without sacrificing fashion. Scarfs are great for chilly winter days in the city or country, can be folded up and used as a pillow when taking spur-of-the-moment unplanned naps (college students?). And for women, the finely knit wool scarf works great as a head covering of sorts. Along those same lines, it could even be a fashionable yet sustainable "around-the-waist" winter accessory.

Other Noteworthy Wool Clothing

Wool Pants are a personal favorite. They come in rugged to fancy dress styles of knit and will last a lifetime. The challenge here is finding a pair that fits right and doesn't cost over $100. Most top-dollar designer companies offer an array of wool dress pants, and for the best all around mens wool pants, check out companies like Filson, Pendelton, and Woolworth. For inexpensive ones, search army surplus stores.

The Environmental Solution

Too often, modern clothing only focuses on fashion, paying no attention to the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and having no concept of sustainable clothing. That's what really makes wool such an incredibly sustainable winter fashion solution. In fact, there is even light-weight wool clothing that can be worm in the warmer months of the year, making wool not only fashionable and sustainable clothing but also versatile clothing. And when you buy wool clothing, be glad that you're supporting a renewable clothing option that's good for you and good for the environment.

Yes, indeed, wool is the environmentally sustainable clothing option for fashionable consumers with a conscience.

Wool - Natural and Sustainable Fashion
Credit: merlin1075