Wool cycling jerseys are very popular with many cyclists. There are many modern materials used to make cycling jerseys, but none of them have stood the test of time like wool has. If you want a classic cycling jersey then take a look in some of the benefits of riding with a wool jersey.

Benefits of wool jerseys

There are numerous advantages to wearing a wool based jersey while cycling. Most modern jerseys designed for cyclists are made of synthetic materials, however none of these perform like a wool based jersey.

As you sweat, which all cyclists do, the wool will wick the moisture away from your body helping to keep you warmer. If you are a rider who commutes by bicycle year round then I highly suggest you purchase a quality wool cycling jersey for your cold winter commutes.

Synthetic based materials used to make modern cycling jerseys have many benefits, but one of the major downfalls is the practicality of daily use. Cycling jerseys tend to be expensive so many riders may only have one jersey in their closet. A synthetic cycling jersey needs to be washed them more often than a wool jersey. A synthetic cycling jersey begins to stink, often after only one day of riding. A wall cycling jersey on the other hand can last upwards of a week or more until it needs to be washed. Synthetic jerseys will stink much more than a wool jersey.

Many cyclist shy away from wool cycling jerseys because they fear the wool will cause itchiness on their skin. Most modern wool cycling jerseys use a finer wool which does not cause your skin to itch.

A wool jersey is much better for the environment in numerous ways. One benefit of wool jersey is over synthetic based cycling jerseys is the wool is all natural. Synthetic materials are produced in a factory which uses excess resources to run such as oil. If you truly want it be good for the environment a natural wool cycling jersey is a lot healthier for the Earths environment that is a synthetic material.

By having to wash your wool jersey much less often than a synthetic based cycling jersey you will also save water.

A wool cycling jersey is much easier to care for. It does not retain odor like a synthetic cycling jersey does. At the end of your ride you simply take off for wool jersey. You do not have to spray down the odors like you do with a synthetic cycling jersey.

Washing wool cycling jerseys is extremely easy area. To wash a wool cycling jersey you simply place it in your washing machine and use cold water. A wool cycling jersey is not only easier to clean all will also last you for much longer than will a synthetic based cycling jersey.

A wool cycling jersey will absorb much more sweat and perspiration then a synthetic jersey. Many wool jerseys are specifically designed for some are used during warmer weather.

If you have never won a wool cycling jersey then buy one and wear it for a month. Most people prefer wool jerseys over synthetic jerseys once they have began to use them.