Wool Duvets (28687)

Wool Duvets - Why Choose Them?

Wool Duvets make for extremely soft and warm beddings, but are they right for your situation? Before you go about trying to buy wool duvets for your home, make sure you are well acquainted with the characteristics of wool when its being used as bedding. Wool has been a highly prized fabric for centuries due to some of its most unique properties. For one thing, wool is fire resistant, making it an ideal fabric for use in wool duvets and other types of bedding. Meanwhile, wool is also known for its ability to retain the body heat of those wrapped in it whether or not the wool is wet. If you happen to live in climates with high levels of moisture that rise overnight, wool duvets are an excellent choice for maintaining a steady warm temperature throughout the night and thereby improving the quality and depth of sleep. Many people who complain of poor quality sleep, and present with symptoms of insomnia, have trouble maintaining deep sleep brain waves throughout the early morning hours due to natural drops in body temperature. As a self preservation mechanism, a body that is not warm enough will wake itself. Wool duvets make excellent gifts for people that suffer from poor quality sleep, because they can guarantee steady levels of warmth throughout the evening.

The Many Benefits of Wool Duvets

Wool is known to be one of the most breathable fabrics around. Although some synthetic fibers also provide excellent warmth, they are equally known for low breathability, leading to stuffiness and discomfort. The natural breathability of wool allows positive airflow to circulate through the wool, removing moisture that accumulates on the skin throughout the night, leading to chills and claminess. Thanks to the wicking qualities of wool duvets, sleepers will enjoy natural moisture management and be far less likely to awaken early due to chills or moisture related claminess.

Uses for Wool Duvets

In cold climates or on snowy retreats, you can spread wool duvets out across the floor and lounge on them while relaxing at night. You can also make wool duvets into the perfect gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Since synthetic fibers are so popular and widespread, wool duvets make thoughtful gifts that show you have considered your recipient and that you want to offer them something truly comforting and unique. Wool duvets are ideal for campers and outdoorsy people since they travel well and maintain high levels of body temperature even if they've become wet due to rain or ambient moisture. Whatever the case, you can feel confident that your recipient will appreciate a unique gift that they can enjoy for many years into the future. Wool duvets are gifts that will serve friends and family well for years and years to come on travel excursions, camping trips in the woods or simply in their residence's favorite napping spot. If you are still struggling through trying to find the right gift for that special someone this holiday season, consider sending them wool duvets.