While I was not a huge Winnie the Pooh fan growing up, I was aware of his existence. And actually did admire his tenacity for getting all that honey away from those ever-charging bees! This image of him on this keychain makes me laugh, because that is what I remember best about the Pooh Bear. I mean, he just looks like a kid who has not just stolen a cookie but the whole cookie jar! He looks hurried but secure. And confident that he can hold onto that honey - and out run those old bees. Reminds me of ourselves as kids after we did something we shouldn't have, like knocked the ball through somebodies window! Kind of an "uh-oh".

Bee ware Pooh Bear

As I became a parent, I really got more into Winnie the Pooh and all of his pals, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and the rest. I had to because all three of my children loved them and the stories! We still have a whole shelf full of books of his adventures, and countless stuffed toys. Looking around the internet, the list of current day Pooh goodies is endless. Old Pooh can be found on everything. It seems to be a very popular baby room decoration theme now days as well. I wonder how soothing this image of Pooh running from the bees is, but babys are pretty sharp. They can probably understand the adventure.

I am always one to look for good messages in things, and I think there is with Pooh. I don't believe any of these imaginary characters would last for so many decades if they didn't convey something good. I like Pooh because he portrays someone soft and cuddly, yet always out there on that limb, doing something crazy or dangerous. In my college days, I can recall it being an honor to be called some cute girl's Pooh Bear. It meant you were fun to be with, and cuddly! At least that's what I heard!

Anyway, I think more of us should try to be more like the Pooh Man, and get out there and enjoy life, take some risks, and surround yourself with good friends. And most of all, be a good friend!