Word Perfect

Do you use WordPerfect? If you do, you probably don’t know all the things you can do with it! “WordPerfect 7 for Windows 95 for Dummies" is packed full of helpful information, tips, and warnings on this word possessing program. 

Coauthor Margaret Levine Young, a Yale graduate with a degree in computer science, was one of the first microcomputer managers in the early 1980s and was placed in charge of the MID division of Columbia Pictures.  Levine has authored fifteen other books. This is her third book written with David C. Kay, a writer, engineer, and aspiring artist. This is Kay’s tenth computer book which includes VRML and 3D on the Web For Dummies, and others. In addition to writing, Kay creates promotional copy, graphics, and Web sites for high-tech firms.

WordPerfect 7 For Windows 95 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
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Introduction and Part One

With an introduction, five parts, twenty-six chapters, plus an index, you will find just about everything you need to know (and more) in this handy guide!

In the introduction you will get helpful information on how to use the book, including how it is organized and ironically “What You’re Not Supposed to Read.”

Part one consists of six chapters covering the introduction of WordPerfect 7 for Windows 95. In chapter one you will find helpful advice about the status bar, typing something, saving a document, filename rules, editing another file, and more. Chapter two covers the computer mouse, choosing commands from the mouse, using dialog boxes and quick menus for more ways to choose commands. In chapter three you will find tips on using the “arrow” and “Ctrl” keys together, and moving farther and faster. Chapter four brings insight into “Trashing Your Text,” yes, that’s correct. Learn how to use the insert and type-over modes, un-deleting, undoing versus un-deleting, plus learn the secret codes of deleting.   Chapter five will help you “Find What’s Lost,” with advice on changing the way you search, getting picky about way you find things, finding and replacing; text, all forms of a word, and codes. The final chapter of this section will give you knowledge about “Basic Blocks.” Some of the items covered are selecting text with your mouse, point-and-shoot approach, selecting text with the keyboard and with the find command. You will also gain insight into copying and pasting, and cutting and pasting all with the clipboard.

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Part Two

Part two is dubbed “Prettying Up Your Text” and it consist of five chapters. The first will assist you with emphasizing your text using italics, and underlining. Also include is information on formatting, making text larger or smaller, changing the font for some text, the master control panel for character formats, using the options in the font dialog box and knowing when to use the font dialog box.  Next, you will learn about using the ruler bar, setting margins, hitting the quick spot, pushing text over to the right margin and centering text, and much more. The next section covers how to set the page size, adjusting the top and bottom margins, starting a new page, centering a page (top to bottom), looking at different views of your document, numbering pages and adding “heads” and “feets” to your WordPerfect page. Chapter ten will cover “The WordPerfect Secret Decoder Ring,” which provides knowledge about the “secret” formatting codes; understanding, adjusting and getting rid of them. The final section is about “Document with Style” and talks about creating and applying a style and built-in styles.

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Part Three

In part three you will learn the “Things You Can Do with Documents” and this section consists of eight chapters. The first is chapter twelve which covers printing. The next is about viewing your product, how to work on two documents at the same time, switching between open documents, working with “Windows within Windows,” combining documents and more. Next is about “Juggling Files on Your Disk” and this covers using folders, moving, copying, deleting, and renaming files, making backups and finding a file with a forgotten name. In the next chapter you will gain knowledge about “Dressing Your Document for Success” and it covers working with columns, borders and backgrounds, graphics, text boxes, and tables. Chapter sixteen is about “Using Templates” and it outlines the definition of a template, using them, the templates that come with WordPerfect, plus creating, editing or deleting templates.  Following that is “Creating Your Own Junk Mail” and it outlines how the junk-mail feature works, creating, merging and printing your data files. “Recipes for Popular Documents” follows with advice about creating letters, memos, faxes, envelopes, mailing labels, booklets, reports and other documents. Lastly, “Spinning Web Pages” covers the internet and hypertext, bookmarks, creating your own web pages, saving and publishing your web pages.

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Part Four

Part four is about getting help and is made-up of four chapters. In the first, chapter twenty, “Training WordPerfect to Act Your Way,” you will discover helpful tips about seeing information about your documents, expressing your preferences, changing the way WordPerfect looks, where your files are stored and “some cool environment settings. Next, you will find out how to have “fun.” The book provides tips on switching to other programs, revisiting the window, menu madness, customizing your start menu and starting the program “automagically.” Chapter twenty-two is about “Solving Printing Problems” and gives insight into impact, inkjet and laser printers; fixing jams, choosing which printer to use, setting up a new printer and caring for your printer. The final chapter is titled “Don’t Panic! Read This Chapter!” It discusses where’s WordPerfect (parts one and two), where’s my document (parts one and two), what to do if you can’t open a document or you accidently delete something, and how to find out if a backup file exists.

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Part Five

Part five, the final section consists of three chapters. In the first, chapter twenty-four, it outlines “The Ten Not-to-Be-Broken Rules of Word Perfect” and covers how to “tell WordPerfect what you have in mind,” things you should not use, a recommendation to “save early and often,” how to back up your work, and do not turn off your PC until you have exited the program. The following chapter is titled “Ten (or So) Awesome Tricks” and it outlines cutting, copying, and pasting with other programs, dragging and dropping text, inserting other files, and so much more.  The final chapter is about the “Ten Features We Don’t Use –Much” and has information regarding comments, cross-references, line numbering, equations, macros, text-art, and footnotes and endnotes.  

Needles to say this book provides the reader with important and useful information that he or she can use on a daily basis. It is an excellent form of reference and you will want to keep it close by because you will refer to it often.