When it comes to starting up a blog that you can be proud of, a lot of people are curious where they should start. While not everyone prefers to have a free hosted blog, for those that do, WordPress.com is often a key choice. This is a trusted form of open source blogging software that has been available for quite some time now. There are two major forms of WordPress these days and WordPress.com is one of them. The other is WordPress.org which is where you go when you want to download the WordPress software and install it on the host of your choice. While these two options may seem simple enough, what you do want to keep in mind is that each of them is going to have strengths and weaknesses that you need to know about before you choose. If you are comfortable installing the software on your own then WordPress.org is probably your best option, but you will need to have hosting, your own domain and you also need to do all of the updates yourself. For those who want a bit less work, WordPress.com is usually going to be the easier choice.

If only things were that simple, though. In reality, a lot of people would love to be able to have total freedom with their blog and at WordPress.com that could potentially be limited. When you are relying on a free host of any kind it is always going to need to be a concern. The reason is that if you do not do all in your power to abide by the rules, you may be asked to move your blog or even have it banned outright. Is this unlikely? Yes, for most people. However, for those who want total say over what they do or do not post, then WordPress.org is the way to go. However, there is no help in maintaining your blog at WordPress.org and there is no ability to choose from a huge array of themes that the.com version of the site can offer you.

In the end, which version of WordPress you choose is entirely up to you, but no matter which way you go, there are certainly factors to consider. When you want a solid blogging software choice this is by far and away one of the most trusted forms of such software you can find anywhere. The platform has been hosting millions of blogs for years now and you can customize it to your heart's content. This is what makes both WordPress.com and WordPress.org good choices for nearly anyone that wants to have their own blog today.