What Is WordPress?

In its most basic form, WordPress is an application that can be utilized for a wide variety of different internet based projects. However, although its uses are plentiful, it is most widely known as one of the biggest blog platforms currently available.

Since its inception in 2003 and due to the WordPress basics being easy to understand, it has won several awards and has released eleven separate versions, each an impressive update on the last.

Who Can Use It?

As WordPress is completely free of charge to use (there are some features which are restricted to Premium members), anyone has access to it and can therefore use it. Whilst this may be apparent, WordPress is not simply a one-click installation application and therefore some technical knowledge is generally seen as a requirement.

With this in mind, it is definitely aimed primarily at the user market and not the programmer market, therefore as long as some technical knowledge is apparent - or precise instructions are willing to be followed - users should not encounter any major problems.

Why Should It Be Used?

For many users, WordPress is chosen over other similar platforms purely for personal preference. The layout and design is somewhat different to other blogging platforms and this appeals greatly to a large amount of people.

In general, WordPress is a fantastic application which is, especially after it has been installed, a very user-friendly system that can provide a range of different options, from a standalone blog to a complete website Content Management System.

The options provided by WordPress are extensive and the links that I have placed around this website will offer a greater insight into all of the different possibilities available.

Are There Any Added Extras?

The WordPress basics are very easy to get to grips with and for a substantial amount of users these are more than sufficient for their needs. However, for more advanced users, there is a range of added extras available to enhance the usability of WordPress.

For example, WordPress offers a selection of features that they call Premium features - features that can add greater usability to a WordPress blog or website, but require a payment. These extras range from unlimited users and extra storage through to complete control over design with the Custom CSS option. Bearing in mind that these start from $14.97 a year, value for money and customer satisfaction is high on the agenda and is one of the aspects current users love about WordPress most.

How do I get WordPress Support?

There are thousands of designers and developers that can provide assistance with WordPress. If you are looking for someone local, the Virginia WordPress developers and consultants at Mangoco offer a very high level of support. Other great support is available on sites like ScriptLance, Elance, and Guru. Be very careful, though, before working with people on these sites. Check references like crazy and ensure that the work that they claim to have done is valid.

Are there better Content Management Systems or Blogging Platforms?

WordPress isn't the only CMS or Blogging platform out there. Many people want to know if WordPress is better than Joomla or Drupal or Six Apart or any of the large and fairly popular systems available. From our research and perspective, WordPress offers the largest amount of plug-ins and the cleanest code we've seen. The user interface is intuitive and can really be stretched to produce good work. All-in-all, we're really impressed with WordPress... whether you are a beginner or IT Professional