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More and more, the Internet requires secure connections. Your WordPress site should be no exception. Install a WordPress SSL certificate to improve site security, and visitor experience.

SSL Certificate
SSL, ("Secure Socket Layer"), refers to the use of strong encryption for hosted web pages. It ensures security for all data passing between a web site server and a client viewer. It does so by encrypting information prior to transmission from the web site, and restoring the information prior to display on a client web browser. The encryption guarantees that any interception of data between the host and client will be unable to be viewed.

WordPress SSL Certificate
A WordPress site can install a SSL certificate to boost security. This will then result in secure transfers of data from server to viewers. After successful installation, the web server will respond to "HTTPS" requests, the "S" signifying that secure transmissions are in effect.

Google's Statement Regarding SSL
The Internet's largest search engine has declared that security is very important for the web. It has incorporated the feature into their corporate web page library. Google has also announced that the use of SSL is now a factor used to increase search engine rankings of web pages. As a site administrator, using a security certificate is now highly recommended as a result of the Google ranking algorithm change.

In light of the Google announcement, all hosting plans should be established with security credentials.

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Data Encryption

Web pages, like other server data, can be encrypted by the web server automatically. A security certificate provides the credentials that are used for the encryption. It establishes the name of the web site, the "Trusted Authority" that issues the credential and the encryption details.

When secure WordPress transmissions are in place, browsers are able to apply decryption to web pages prior to display. Each connection is established after the security keys are exchanged. The client is then able to receive secure WordPress pages which are properly decrypted and displayed on the browser window.

Increased User Security via WordPress SSL
For those web sites that accept electronic commerce transactions, security is absolutely required. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers, customer names, addresses, and similar, should never be transmitted across the Internet without using a security protocol. More and more, WordPress is being used for such important transactions. For this reason, the site should be improved by the use of a certificate. In addition to the increase in data protection, it shows visitors that the administrators are aware of the need to protect customer information.

WordPress Sites Without Sensitive Data
Standard web pages do not really require SSL certificates, but their installation is still a good idea. Data protection is improved, which may not matter for standard web pages. Since Google now regards security as a benefit, implementing security could improve the site rank. This is obviously a plus. Many changes over the years have resulted in more difficulty ranking in search results. By complying with Google recommendations, WordPress sites can take advantage of this ranking improvement.

Arvixe Web Site Hosting

The Arvixe web site packages are available with significant power for WordPress. They also offer easy SSL certificate installation for an excellent price. All Arvixe hosting plans can have secure transport for only $25 per year. This is a quarter of the price most other providers charge. For the money, Arvixe obtains and installs the Wordpress SSL certificate. They configure the site as required for secure transmissions. The WordPress administrator only needs to enable "HTTPS" to take advantage of the increase in security.

Arvixe WordPress Hosting Features
All Arvixe web hosting plans offer the WordPress administrator advanced features at an affordable price. They all have unlimited data storage. This allows unlimited numbers of web pages with unlimited images. In addition, the plans offer unlimited data transfer. Other plans impose transfer quotas which can take sites offline as they become popular.

Easy WordPress Installation
All plans offer Softaculous through the cpanel interface. This is perhaps the easiest administration tool available for WordPress. With it, a basic installation can be performed in moments. It also offers automatic backup, a necessity for all modern web sites. As a bonus, unlimited WordPress sites can be installed.

WordPress SSL Certificate Plugin
Really Simple SSL is a helpful plugin that easily implements security for WordPress pages. It ensures that all page references use the secure certificate. It is a very efficient tool that is simple to use, as the name implies. It allows an administrator to implement the WordPress SSL certificate with a single click on the dashboard. The plugin has been installed over 80,000 times and is highly recommended by the majority who use it. It automatically handles regular page requests, switching them over to the secure "HTTPS" secure protocol. This applies to all WordPress references including pages, posts and media files.

WordPress and Web Site Security
Security is a major concern for the Internet today. This requires that features are installed such as a WordPress SSL certificate. The process is relatively easy, and inexpensive when a hosting company such as Arvixe is used. Coupled with good site backup strategies, it should be considered essential by all serious administrators. Web sites are often economically important so implementing security, and backups, is highly recommended.

WordPress SSL and Electronic Commerce
As mentioned, all WordPress sites that use electronic commerce should use SSL certificates. Even those that do not accept sensitive credit card information should implement security. More and more, users are aware of security implications. By improving security, even for regular web sites, the site administrator instills confidence for viewers. When these good practices are rewarded by Google by improving search engine rankings, they are even more important.

WordPress is now the most important content manager in use today. It is now serving more web pages than any other similar tool. The flexibility of this platform is why it is so popular. It offers that ability for administrators to establish pages and posts, all with a similar look and feel. The site theme is easy to implement, and to change. Web pages have never been as easy to create as they are now.

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