A Great Pair

"How do I set up a blog, a content or a general purpose web site?" You may be asking yourself those questions. For several reasons, the WordPress content management system is a great choice for beginners. Once installed, it makes your site as easy to work on as your resume. It doesn't happen overnight, however. There are many customizations possible when you use WordPress. If you install the Thesis theme, many excellent customizations activate automatically but it's the support that you gain that really makes Thesis shine.

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a content management system. But what does that mean? Content is the key. You create the content in the form of posts, pages, photos and videos. Anything that you would like to host on your site is known as content. In the old days, people just dumped a bunch of content on a server and called the result a web site. Pages loaded, (or they didn't), when people visited the site. If one page was updated, it could look different than all of the other pages. There was often great difficulty accepting comments or recommendations on early web sites. WordPress rationalized the web site. It treats the content consistently and organizes your site into the background and the changing data. All WordPress pages are consistent with each other, unless you want some of them to be different. You can easily add photos, videos or text and have these available to viewers automatically. You can link pages together and add links to other sites with ease. For beginners and experts alike, WordPress is a great tool that lets publishers distribute content on the Internet with a minimum of trouble.

What is a theme?
A theme is a set of programs that act together to extend the core WordPress system, mainly with respect to the display of elements. The theme gives the site administrator options that allow visual customization of the web site. There are basic display choices such as how many columns should be presented and how wide each should be, for example. There are also optional blocks placed on the WordPress site by the theme that allow for specific advertising placements, picture galleries and more. They also give publishers control over overall site look by applying standards, such as text color, to every part of the site.

What is the Thesis theme?
Thesis is a WordPress theme which is in widespread use by some of the biggest users of WordPress. It allows for substantial customization of the WordPress system with a minimum of effort. Certain features, such as global calculation of site statistics, are easily enabled with Thesis without any programming at all. Thesis also allows publishers to apply consistency to their content as appropriate. While much of these functions are similar to other themes, Thesis provides an easy to use interface that simplifies the site control. Because Thesis is a commercial product, supported users gain an invaluable resource web site which contains very helpful user guides, tutorials and a help forum. Supported users also gain access to a problem resolution facility which addresses issues both in Thesis and in the WordPress system as well. In contrast, the standard theme installed with most WordPress sites, called "Twenty Eleven", provides basic functionality to publishers. There is also no official support available for this, and most other, free themes. Publishers, instead, must rely on their own technical ability, helped by Google, to address issues.

Support is the key
Web sites are complicated. Everything must work well at all times or your site will suffer. If something goes wrong, you will want to get it resolved as soon as possible. When you set up a blog site, you have a database working for you. You also have a web server. Tying these together is the WordPress content management system. There are other management systems available but none have the unique combination of support, flexibility and distribution that WordPress provides. The system itself is provided free to all users under the open source arrangement. When publishers add the premium Thesis theme to a WordPress installation, support for technical issues is greatly boosted. For the low purchase fee, publishers also gain lifetime access to all standard Thesis upgrades. This great value is about to become very important due to a new development with the Thesis theme.

Thesis 2.0 is on the way!
After a lengthy period of stability, Thesis 2.0 is about to be released. Scheduled for October 1, 2012, this version is poised to advance content publishing to a new height. While exact details are rather secret currently, some features of the new Thesis release have been described. This new version will address the nightmare of CSS once and for all. CSS, or content style sheets, are a peculiar method of specifying visual attributes in web sites. They allow web publishers to enforce consistency for elements such as text headings, content blocks and more, in a single, central repository. Unfortunately, CSS enforces a cryptic interface which is difficult for average users to master. While normal WordPress themes seek to simplify CSS, none have really been wholly effective for non-technical people. This situation is completely addressed with Thesis 2.0. Finally, after about 10 long years of CSS difficulties, Thesis 2.0 is about to completely rationalize the last rough aspect of WordPress web sites. Hints of additional functions provided by Thesis in the future of great interest as well.

Thesis 2.0 Developer version
The Thesis theme is provided as the personal or developer version. Both versions provide web publishers with the full functionality of the current Thesis options. In the future, the developer version will be providing additional options. Luckily, each version includes free access to new releases. The developer version allows publishers to provide sites to clients, a benefit that may not be of use to all publishers. Purchasers of the development version also gain priority access to the support system. This is a great benefit to all publishers, obviously.

Publishers wishing to set up a new blog, or other content system, can be sure of a powerful, easy to use system when they use the power of WordPress and the Thesis theme. With the new Thesis 2.0 about to be released, the ability to publish on the Internet is finally simplified for all purposes.