The chest is the center piece of your whole physique. For this reason it should be the most conspicuous part of your upper body. Time to hit the gym hard and find chest workout exercises that will give your chest the attention you require. Impress the ladies and keep fit at the same time. chest workout routines are designed to give you power and this is a reason why body builders and other athletes concentrate more on their pectorals, biceps and triceps more than any other part of the body.

Not so many guys out there can boast of a muscular chest but it is not that hard to gain one if you are really determined. Remember that a well built chest is the pillar of a nice physique and several chest workout exercises can help you do just that. Some people have this notion that building chests is a difficult task. This is not so and many experts will beg to differ.

Chest appears to grow slow and many people get worried about this. But there is a good reason why chest muscles tend to grow slow. This is because the chest is a really massive muscle with tons of fiber. This tends to slow down the growth of the chest during chest workout. Another contributing factor to the slow growth of the chest is brought about by the trainees themselves.

Many trainees or body builders do not exercise with the intensity t5hat is required of chest workouts. Power exercises like bench presses really help in solving this kind of a problem. It is recommended that you go all out on such power exercises and train with much intensity.

There are some chest exercises that are a must know for every trainee or trainer. These include;

• The best chest exercise out there is the flat bench press. It is a classic chest workout routine and it is designed to give you balanced power to both sides of your body. It is the best chest muscle builder recommended by every expert.

• Changing of the inclination of the barbell benches helps you work on different parts of your body. An inclined press can help you hit hard on your upper chest while a declined press allows you to work on your lower chest thereby balancing both sides of the chest.

• To work on your inner chest, you require dumbbell fly. This gives a clear separation to your chest.

• To build chest muscles go for power moves such as flat barbell bench presses.

• It is also vital to stretch in between chest exercises. Remember also to use complete range of different motions.

• Another important point to note is that chest muscles should always come before triceps. It is very important that you work on your chest before tackling the triceps and biceps. These exercises (triceps and biceps) will make you fatigue quite easily and by so doing they hamper the chest exercises.