Fastest Way to Start a Website

If you are going to have a website, most likely it is going to be a Wordpress site.  There are several ways to learn how to use Wordpress.  You can do a Google search and find lots of sites that tell you a little bit about some part of Wordpress. You can also find YouTube videos. 

The problem with these approaches are the fact that you have to spend a lot of time and you will only get bits and pieces of what you need to know.

You can also learn Wordpress from books.  There are a ton of books out there that will tell you more than you ever will use, but the problem is that you will have to spend lots of time reading and trying to take what you have read and do it hands on.

Many people’s learning style is watching how something is done, not reading about it.  That is why watching videos are so popular.

Wordpress in a Hour is by Jonthan Taylor and Russell Portwood. They have a podcast called Beginner Internet Business that they doing for almost 3 years.  On this podcast they help beginners with all kinds of problems/issues with websites.  They are not some fly by night marketers, but guys that really care about helping people get their websites working.

Over the years Jonthan and Russell have put together several products to help people with online business and websites that they sell mostly on Amazon .  One of those products is Wordpress in a Hour.

On this DVD, they take you step by step on how to step up a Wordpress website.  It might take more than a hour in practice, but you will see step by step what to do.  This is a lot better than reading a chapter in a book and then trying to apply it.

The reviews by people that have used this product are great:

"Wordpress in One Hour" is a wonderful, easy-to-understand tool to help the online novice create effective Wordpress site without years of IT experience. Once again, Jonathan empowers the small business owner by making the complex and sometimes scary world of online marketing much more accessible. This video series is a wonderful accompaniment to his book, The Official Small Business Guide to Marketing 2.0 As a small business owner, I love the practical way these tools have enhanced my understanding about available online options to grow my business. "

"These guys have a great show on BlogTalk Radio for beginner internet entrepreneurs. These guys are so practical and this CD takes you from having a web site dream to a web site reality and it really is unbelievably fast. I see why Wordpress is the platform of choice and with this CD you can even get (great looking!) multiple sites up and running so quickly. I'm thinking about taking this CD and just handing it to an assistant so that she can put up sites quickly whenever I get a new online business idea. Thanks, Jonathan and Russell!"

This DVD will help you quickly get your website up and running.